Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Update on the MOVE!

Marc has officially accepted a start date for his job! Its March 18th. We are so excited about this next chapter of our lives! The only bummer to that start date is that Marc will only get to spend 5 days with the baby, Paxton and i before he has to leave. The baby will only be 5 days old (assuming i go till March 10th). And he wont come back until March 29th. He will fly into Provo that Friday night and we (him & others) will load up the Uhaul, and we will leave Utah Saturday the 30th! Its gonna be crazy with me only being 2 weeks out from surgery. Im nervous for that drive with a newborn, a toddler and my sore body. We'll see how it goes. Gives me anxiety thinking about it!!

Since January, we have been looking at houses to buy down in the Phoenix area. It has been such a struggle. Oy vey! But we have a new realtor and he is awesome! We are actually putting our first bid on a house today and hopefully all goes well! If we can get into it by the end of the month, then Marc will drive the Uhaul and i will drive the packed car to Arizona and start settling in. If we dont get it, or another house by then, then we will drive the Uhaul and the car to Cali, and store our stuff at Marc's dads hanger, i will stay with my parents for a bit, Marc will go back to AZ and we will continue to look for a house. It sucks just thinking about being away from Marc but ya gotta do what ya gotta do unfortunately. Boo hoo. And we do NOT want to rent. So ya, thats the general plan on the move. Hopefully this house will go through. We are confident with our realtor and so glad we have him!! (Thanks Lauren for the referral!!)

If anyone needs a realtor in the Phoenix, AZ area then Bryce Henderson is your guy!!
Click HERE to visit his website!!

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