Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day

I am so lucky to have spent 5 valentines day(s) with my handsome lover! The last 2 years, Pax and i would make Marc some cute presents and treats but this year, with Pax being in California and me being on bed rest, im sad to say that i didnt make or bake anything :( This year, we agreed not to do anything for the day because of everything going on and my condition. Not to mention, we are trying to save as much money as we can since we are buying a house in AZ. But, i had to do a little something. I had my friend Brian go pick up a heart shaped pizza, a s'more dessert and some bubbly! Then we could have a nice, quiet evening watching a movie together. Marc worked from 8am-8pm and when he got home, he surprised me with flowers and a CARD!!! And he actually wrote in it!!! FINALLY! It was the best! Im so thankful that even though we agree not to do anything, we still make sure to let each other know we are thinking of each other. How could you not on LOVE day. Anywho, earlier my friend Brian brought me some Panda Express. So i ate really good that day :) It was a nice day. I sure did miss my little mini valentine. So we facetimed twice that day. I cant wait for next years Valentine's Day where i will get to be surrounded by all three of my boys!! 

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