Monday, May 23, 2011

Paxton's 1st Birthday!

To celebrate Paxton's birthday, we had a big shindig at our house in Utah. My family and friends came up from Colorado, California and Idaho. Marc's family didn't come up and i was bummed about that. It was SO much fun! Here are some pictures from the day! 

Food table
Shed, and part of the present table
Dessert table
He sat in his highchair and played with his trucks while everyone was arriving
The back of Paxton's shirt... and my butt.
Stacie and Amber with the birthday boy
Family photo
My stud!!
Pax, his shades and his cake
Me: Why is Pax crying? Is he ok?
Marc: Ya, i just bit his finger.
Me: Why'd you do that... (followed with a slug to the arm)
Marc: I just got so excited!
My cutie opening the first present
He wasn't sure about opening presents
Pax digging through all the presents!
Pax and his toys
I think Marc and I were more excited for presents then Pax!
Paxton's shark towel
Family photo... just missing my brother!
Uncle Mark, Aunt Vicki, Marc, Papa, Me, Pax, my mom, Sammi, Sis, Miley, Amanda and Granny Goo
Papa and Pax after the party
The birthday boy was pooped!

I wish i would've gotten pictures of Pax with everyone.. darn it.. Anywho, Thank you so much to everyone that helped make this day so special. 

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Paxton is ONE!

      May 20, 2011
Weight- 21 lbs 6 oz- 80%
Height- 30 3/4 inches- 50%
Head- 45.3 cm- 25%
He isn't up to date on his shots because he is 4 days shy of being 12 months exactly. So we will play catch up on his 15 month appointment. I got a prescription to get a lead poisoning test done for Paxton so we will do that this weekend. Other then that, the visit went great. My grandma was able to come with us! He has 2 bottom teeth and no signs of any others ANY time soon. We are transitioning him to a sippy cup so he only gets his bottle at night before bed. And he is also transitioning to Almond Milk! He seems to love it so far! I am still giving him the fluoride drops. His feet are a 5-5 1/2... yes, Bigfoot. His waste is still tiny so he wears 6-12 jeans. A lot of them are high waters on him. But oh well. And his shirts are 6-9 months and a few 12 month shirts. He is still a bit scared to walk on his own but he will definitely do it while holding your hand. He says ball, baooon, momom, and a whole bunch of chinese words haha. He is so fun and is getting so big!