Saturday, March 2, 2013

36 Week Appt

Yesterday, i had my NST and Ultrasound and we had a quick check-up. She usually does them the Tuesday the next week, but she wanted to do it today instead and will do another one next Tuesday. So i had my ultrasound first. Baby Maddox is measuring 2 weeks ahead. He weighs about 6 lbs 12 oz which is a HUGE increase from the week before where he was about 5 lbs 9 oz. My AFI fluids was a 13. Still good. And he has a TON more hair then last week's appt. Unfortunately, we couldn't get any good face pictures since he's head down. But we were able to check is heart and body and that works for me! After the ultrasound, i did my NST. This time was A LOT better then last! He had a base heart rate in the 130's and had about 3 good accelerations to the 170's. So he is A-ok! After that, we went into the room and did a check-up. I am measuring a week and a half early still. We talked about how i'm feeling and my symptoms. The only thing that has changed is the pressure im feeling on my c-section scar. IT HURTS SO BAD! I lotion it and oil it like twice a day but still... its not helping. i cant see it but Marc and my doc said it was stretching wider and that it is puffy and purple. Attractive, i know! She said being on bed rest should take a lot of the pressure off, which it does but as soon as i stand up to go pee, or walk upstairs, or go grab something from the kitchen, i feel like its gonna bust open! She assured me it wouldn't. But to limit myself getting up more.

So ya. Other then that, my preeclampsia is the same. i AM SO HAPPY that it has not progressed severely yet. i am swelling still :( UGH. My BP is definitely raising higher but a consistent higher. If i had excess protein in my urine, she would have already delivered the baby. But again, bed rest seems to be helping to keep that down! Now i see her on Tuesday the 5th, and unless my protein in my urine is really high or the NST doesn't go well, or if my BP gets higher, then the baby will be here sooner. But as of now, we are pretty sure it will be the 10th! YAY! AND if my appt Tuesday goes well, then i wont need to see her on Friday for another NST and ultrasound! Ill just see her Sunday morning when we go in for the Delivery!!! I haven't had a once a week appt since i was 28 weeks!!

Here is my 36 week bump in the car. (i still need to post my actual belly pictures from 34-36 weeks)
 Until Tuesday!

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