Thursday, June 10, 2010

Paxton Has Arrived!!

Allow me to introduce.....
Paxton Scott Harrison

Well, im officially a mommy & i love it. Its definitely a full time job but there's no other work id rather be doing right now then taking care of this little boy we've been blessed with! It wasnt the easiest delivery or recovery but weve made it through it! Heres a little bit of what happened.

As many of you know from facebook, i had preeclampsia & my blood pressure just kept getting higher and higher. My doctor told us early on that she will not induce unless its medically necessary and if that was the case, she wouldnt deliver until 37 weeks. Whelp, after another visit & an ultrasound appointment on Friday the 21st, she told us that she would be inducing me on Monday, May 24th. It scared the crud out of me. I knew the pregnancy was coming to an end but mentally i was still expecting 3 more weeks! So it took awhile to sit well with me. Luckily i had my mom and best friend Chelsey come down from California to help me prepare for that day which was in 3 days. We did some last minute shopping, me being in a wheelchair of course, and just relaxed. Chelsey gave me an amazing pedicure the night before i went in. I tried to sleep that night but it was IMPOSSIBLE!

Our last supper!

Me painting Chelseys nails

My pedicure!!

She even parafined the bottom of my feet & cleaned up the cuticles! Talk about a true bf!

May 24, 2010

Me getting settled in

-Arrived at the hospital at 6:15am
-Got hooked up to EVERYTHING
-Dr came in at 845 & broke my water. BP dropped to normal!
-Started pitocin
-Suffered through HORRIBLE contractions for a couple hours
-Finally had enough & got my epidural
-BP went straight up as well as my pulse rate right after epidural
-Put me on oxygen
-Noticed deccelerations on the monitor for Paxton
-Every contraction i had, his heartrate would drop very low
-Nurse called the dr right away to assess the situation
-Nurse put internal monitors in me
-Dr told me about how my chances for a csection are high if we cant fix it
-Dr put fluids in my sac to try & relieve the baby (didnt work)
-i was dilated at a 5 and 100% effaced
-Nurse & dr kept monitoring me for about 30 minutes
-Signed a waiver INCASE we had to do a c section
-Epidural didnt work on my right side so i was feeling contractions on that side
-Paxtons heartrate dropped to the mid 30's
-Anesthesiologist came in & gave me A LOT more
-Dr came in right away, said its go time and gave Marc his scrubs
-Off we went to the operating room
-They prepped me & poked me to see if i felt it before they cut & i felt it
-Gave me more epidural
-Went back and forth for about 3 minutes because i wasnt getting numb on my right side
-Gave me a shot of lydocain to help numb it, then one more shot of epidural, next wouldve been putting me under and i was NOT ok with that
-Didnt work completely, i felt them caterizing me
-Paxton was out less then 10 minutes later at 6:02pm
-Imbelical cord was wrapped around his neck twice, hence the low hear rate with every contraction. He was suffocating.
-Weighed 6lbs 15 oz 20 in long
-Stitched me up & brought me to my room... I waited over 3 hours to hold him :(

Paxtons first picture with his dad

Friends came & visited. Paxton was in the nursery for about 3 1/2 hours. i only saw him for seriously 1 second after they took him out of me. So i was DYING to see him. And when i did, couldnt help but cry. Its SO crazy to think that our bodies can create a human life!! Still blows my mind. Breastfeeding was simple. Recovery was AWFUL due to one thing.

I was still numb from my epidural that i didnt get up to walk till late tuesday night & i noticed something was wrong on my right side. Because i had so many problems with my right side getting numb, i had this super sharp pain on that side. It was like someone was stabbing me with a knife. SOO sharp and SOO painful. I wouldve rather had contractions then feel that pain. So you moms can understand how painful it was. Whenever my clothing or my dr would get close to it, it would spasm & KILL me. We had it under control with medicine. They took out my iv on thursday morning. Then thursday afternoon, i got up to go pee & i felt this gush of blood on my right side, i freaked out & asked the nurse if i was bleeding ( i was swollen & couldnt see it) she said no, no blood & her finger barely touched that side & it sent me over the edge. i FLIPPED out. ive never been in that much pain before. They hurried & laid me down & called my dr. She came in & ordered that the put the iv back in me & give me this drug, that drug etc. I was SO out of it the rest of the day. I had a slight temperature. They took me down to get a ct scan, everything came back normal then i had to do an MRI, those things are awful & scary! Results came back that i had some fluid in my spine that was sitting on a nerve & causing that pain (or so we think because thats the only thing we could find) So they said the hematoma would eventually work itself out. i had to suffer in silence till that pain went away. Thank goodness for medicines & painkillers these days! I was supposed to leave thursday but that didnt happen. So friday rolls around. I planned on leaving that night when my dad & sister got into town. They arrived at 6pm and all of a sudden my nurse came in and said that my dr wanted me to be monitored for 2 hours because my bp was still very high & my pulse rate was very high (130's) So that ruined that. There i was laying there still. I just wanted to go home. Well 2 hours later i told the nurse how i just wanted to go home, she talked to the dr on call & he said i could leave but i had to schedule a drs appointment because id have to be put on bp medicine. Well i didnt have to take that medicine because my bp never exceeded over 160, it was at like 158!! haha. Anyways we left the hospital about 930 that night and headed for home!

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