Sunday, February 10, 2013

33 Weeks and Some Extras!

Today, i decided to go to church. I havent been since being put down (bed rest) and we had some ok news at my appt on Friday. The protein in my urine has gone down!! I will still do more urine checks. My BP is getting consistently higher, darn it. Now its in 145+ range. So we will continue to monitor that. My blood work all came back good! But again, we will check every week to make sure it doesnt get bad. Being on bed rest really seems to be slowing down my preeclampsia. We also did an ultrasound, and the baby is now 5 lbs. He has HAIR!!! Lots of it too! And he isnt breach anymore! His head is officially down (of course it can change) and he is 2 inches away from my cervix. The tech, a guy named Todd, did a complete check up on every single organ in his little body and brain and Maddox is completely healthy and doing great!! My AFI fluid was a 14 which is great! He is also measuring a week ahead now instead of 2 weeks. But we arent taking that into consideration at all. Here's a few more pictures of baby Maddox!! We have SO many of this little boy!
Nose and his tongue peaking through his lips!

So since we had some ok news, i figured, why not go to church?! As soon as we sat down, i got so overwhelmed with all the people around me.... I started getting claustrophobic, i was smelling all sorts of different smells, and it was like a million degrees in the chapel therefore it resulted in me getting super anxious and panicking. I laid on Marc's shoulder and drank almost my whole bottle of water. i said a little prayer that i would calm down and i slowly started too. I had Marc keep on eye out for a seat in the back or out in the foyer but there never was one, darn it. But anywho, i made it through. And Marc got released from his calling! We were totally in shock when the stake counselor said his name because nobody told him he was being released! It was pretty funny! How is it that he got released but i still have my calling!?! haha. (i love my calling by the way) After sacrament, i was able to visit with a bunch of the girls in my ward and man, have i missed them!! Then after introducing ourselves at the new member meeting because of our callings, we left. The hubs dropped me off at home and he went back to finish his meetings and to train the new guy. My BP when i got home was 155/79.... so I'm not too sure ill make it to sacrament next week. I was drained.

Anyways, since i got dressed for once, i decided to take a belly bump picture... Here i am at 33 week and 3 days. i cant believe in less then TWO weeks, i could be having this baby... Hopefully we can push it past 35 weeks but we will see. 

And here is my 33 Week Picture

I have an appt on Tuesday so stay tuned for that!

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  1. You look beautiful with your baby bump! Love your outfit too :)!