Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Quick Update: 32 Week Appt

Today i met with my dr again. Lost another 4 pounds. BP was 145/87. My dr talked to us about whats going to happen the rest of the week and for the weeks to come. Here's a play by play.
-Got blood work done for HELLP syndrome
-NEW: She ordered blood work test for my Thyroid. She thinks im having issues with it
-Did an NST again. Baby had good accelerations. I was also having some braxton hicks contractions while on the monitor! Never had them with Pax.
-Got my beautiful, orange, 24 hour Urine Collection Jug which i start tomorrow morning. From 10am Wednesday till 10am Thursday and then i take it to Utah Valley Hospital so that we can have the results at my appt
-Next appt is Friday. We will go over blood work results and urine results. And we have a scheduled AFI ultrasound to check baby's fluid, my placenta, and baby's weight.

That is pretty much going to be how the next few weeks are going to go. Depending on the results of course. If i get worse, she is scheduling the delivery. And if im staying the same, we will try and keep baby in as long as we can.

During my NST, my dr came in and checked the film on the machine and said that the baby is absolutely fantastic. He had a 2 1/2 minute acceleration! His base line heart rate is in the 150's. His acceleration was in the 180's for that whole 2 1/2 minutes! So glad hes doing great in there. My awesome dr, stayed in there with me for about 10 minutes and just had a heart to heart with me. It was sweet. She told me that she can see that im stressed and that being stressed isnt helping the situation but also addressed that given the circumstances, how could i not be stressed. She gave me a little pep talk and told me that i need to just let everything go. And to think of everything i have control over right now and to let go what i dont have control over. She said that my main focus should be making sure this baby stays in as long as we can and stressed how important bed rest is and how it can really give us a few more weeks. She is proud that ive listened to her this pregnancy and that weve been able to push off the preeclampsia getting worse quickly. Its been 2 weeks since i was put on bed rest because of preeclampsia. Whats crazy is that with Pax, i was diagnosed with it and 2 weeks later i had to have him. We've passed that bump. Granted, i was further along with Pax then with this baby. But still. Im hopeful that we will make it till im 35 weeks. It made me feel better when she said that even if he comes next week that he will  be just fine. And that i have no control over when hes coming so i need to just let it go and go with the flow. She said that we are a team and together we will keep him in as long as we can. She also talked about Pax and how he is getting so much love with my family and that i need to be happy about that and not stress over him being gone. Its nice to be reminded of that. I appreciated her little pep talk and im SO glad i have her as my dr. Shes fab!

Here is my 32 Week Picture

Anywho, enough rambling... ill let ya know how friday goes. Until then!

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