Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy 4 Years to Us!!

Can you believe that we have been married for 4 years now?! Time has really flown by so fast! (Now looking back haha) This anniversary, we were apart :( Marc was down in Arizona for his job. So we facetimed and all that jazz. Still wasnt the same though. Anywho, I just love him so dang much! He has given me everything ive ever dreamt of! He is my best friend, my soulmate, the father to my two boys, and my heart and soul! i dont know what i would do without this man in my life!
And CHEERS to many more!!

1st Week Home!

My friend Chelsey and her husband Randy drove up Wednesday night to stay for the weekend. That same day, my sister and Gege headed back to Colorado. Marc left Saturday morning to get to Arizona to start his job on Monday the 18th. It was so sad to see him leave especially because Maddox was only 6 days old. Boo :( 
Maddox laying in between mom and dad before dad left
Last morning with their dad before he left for Arizona :(
Such a small babe in a big carseat
His 1st time sun bathing... to help with jaundice.

On Tuesday, we had Maddox's follow up appointment. He weighed 6lbs 5 oz. Lost 3 oz :( BUT he was 20.5 inches long. Thats 2 inches longer in a week! She told me that i need to start supplementing but she let me have another week to try exclusively breast feeding! My mom took Maddox back during the circumcision. And apparently he didnt even cry!!! When they brought him back into me and took off his diaper to show me, thats when he finally let it all out. Poor guy cried so hard. So i hurried and diapered him back up and breast fed him. 

Happy 1 Week Little Guy!

Sunday, March 17, 2013


Pax on top and Maddox on bottom
Pax on left and Maddox on right
Pax on top and Maddox on bottom

Saturday, March 16, 2013


We took these pictures the morning i left the hospital.
My new family of 4
My sister and niece with me and my boys
My mom
Sammi and i
Mom again
Chels and Ran
Me and my boys!!
Marc and i with Maddox

Actual D-Day Pictures!
Me and Brian
Me and mom
Wayne and Terrie-my in-laws
My sister Cassidy
Cousin/best friend Nikki
Cousin Tanya
Brother-in-law Spencer
Future Sister-in-law Chelsea (They werent engaged in this picture yet!)
Aunt Dorene and cousin Taylor
Sister/best friend Chelsey
Sister Sammi
Sister Amanda and niece Miley
Brother/best friend Brian
Brother Brenden
My mom!

Birth Story: Maddox Wayne Harrison

Well, where do i begin!? How bout a family picture of us?!
Ok, so here's the story! 
As many of you induced/scheduled delivery mommas know, the night before an induction, you get hardly ANY sleep! All my family was in town, we had a dang good Saturday night and i didnt realize how many last minute things i had to do. I needed to shower, of course, paint my nails, put last minute things in my bag, etc. I think the last time i looked at my clock, it was a little after 3am...  it was also SPRING FORWARD time change!! So i really only got about a little over an hour of sleep! Bad timing haha. When 5am rolled around and my useless alarm clock went off, i was SO anxious. TODAY WAS THE DAY!!! 

My husband came into the room to get me (he slept downstairs so my grandma can sleep in our bed.. (good man). Then we both quietly got ready in the bathroom, together. My mom came in and wished us luck and hugged me bye. Then Marc took my last picture!!
37 weeks and 1 day! WOO HOO!

The drive to the hospital is about 15 minutes away. Marc and i had a nice little drive there. We talked about our excitement, our nerves (of course he had none!!) and just everything! I was really nervous. Mainly scared to get the spinal block. Ah! Anyway, we got there, checked in, walked up to Labor and Delivery, and checked in there as well. They asked if we were late because of the time change and we said, late?! NO! We were told to be here between 6 and 6:30am. They told us that usually we have scheduled c-sections come TWO hours before delivery. Whoops. We only had an hour before i was scheduled to deliver.... which was 7:30am. 

So we went to my room, monitored me, asked me a million questions and all that good stuff. My BP was really high. It was always in the 160's and over the high 90's and low 100's... YIKES! I stopped monitoring my blood pressure at home since my last appt. I figured since i was having him soon, that it didnt matter. And if it wouldve been this high and i report it to my dr, she wouldve scheduled delivery a lot sooner. i was shocked to see how high it was. My in-laws showed up about 15 minutes and then later my mom and Sammi showed up. The anesthesiologist came in, his name was Shane and he was super cool. He asked me to take out my contacts :( boo 

Then the nurse told me to take off my toe rings!!! 
SO funny!
Ive had my toe rings on for over 7 years! Since my father-in-law is a jeweler, he knows all the tricks to get rings off that won't come off. Him and Marc tried for over 15 minutes to get those bad boys off but it just wasnt coming off! The nurse said she was going to have to cut them off, but then my dr came in and said we were ready to roll. They tried taking me in the bed and then i said, i can walk. So i hurried and got up out of bed and we walked to the operating room WITH my toe rings still on!

I walked into the operating room with my anesthesiologist and nurse. Sat on the table. Got my spinal block. DIDNT FEEL IT AT ALL!! Layed down. Then we waited about 5 minutes for me to get numb. I was given oxygen since i was having trouble breathing. They brought Marc in and had my family at the window so they could watch the procedure. And then they started to prep me. The anesthesiologist noticed my scar and said it was awfully ugly. He asked who did it and i told him, Dr. Crouch, not knowing he was in the room yet (whoops!) So then Shane made fun of Dr. Crouch for the awful job and Dr. Crouch came over and looked and agreed! He said, "let me redeem myself!" And i sure didnt object! He told me he would completely redo it! For those of you who were never blessed to see my scar, it looked like i put a red gummy worm on my belly. It was so red and bubbled over. Later, through conversation with the dr's (while they were sewing me back together!)  i learned it was a keyloid (?) scar. So he injected a steroid shot in my skin in hopes that it will prevent that from happening again!
This delivery i felt NOTHING!!!!! Having an epidural when you get a c-section is AWFUL! This spinal block was amazing! i didnt even feel pressure! I cant get over how completely opposite it was then with my first delivery! He also said i was good to have 5 more kids! NO WAY! My doctor also said "no way, not with her pregnancies!" This time, after they pulled him out of me and wrapped him in a blanket, Marc brought him over to me and i was able to look at him, touch him and kiss him! It was a completely different experience then with my first kid. I only saw a glimpse of him and then 3 1/2 hours later, they brought him into the recovery room. So seeing and touching Maddox right away was so neat! No pictures of our first encounter together though, darn it.
PS: The umbilical chord was wrapped around his neck twice. (Just like Pax)

Maddox Wayne Harrison was born Sunday March 10th at 8:02am
He was 18.5 inches long
He weighed 7lbs 2 oz

They sewed me back together and wheeled me back to my delivery room where all my family greeted me! Sure didnt hate the attention :) While i was getting situated in my room, the nurses took Maddox to give him a bath. And i hurried and put my contacts back in!

My friend Brian brought Paxton and was there after i got out of surgery. It was so nice seeing my little man! He hopped up on my bed and we had Pax open his "Big Brother" gift! He loved it! And then Maddox, AKA Pax, opened his "Baby Brother" gift. 

Then we kicked everyone out besides my granny, mom and husband so i could breast feed. Its so much easier the second child since you know what to expect. While Maddox was feeding, Paxton said, "i like it". Referring to his baby brother. It was so funny! He kept calling Baby Maddox a "her" or an "it". Love that kid.

While we were obsessing over Maddox, we noticed that he had some serious purple feet!

We had a bunch of visitors the same day! Here is everyone listed:
-My mom, Sister Sammi, Sister Amanda and her daughter Miley, Granny-goo, my in-laws Terrie and Wayne. They all took turns watching the c-section! Later my best guy friend Brian, Brother Brenden, Sister Cassidy, Cousin Nikki, Tanya and Taylor, Aunt Dorene, Brother in law Spencer and his girlfriend Chelsea. Ill post another post with pictures of all the visitors! 

Later that day, we had a photoshoot with the boys in the shirts i made them. Now to clarify, Wayne (Marc's dad), Marc and Maddox were all born on the same day. March 10th! Some people dont understand the shirts. Waynes says, "1st generation" and his age, 61. Marc's says "2nd generation" and his age, 28. Then Maddox's says "3rd generation" with his age, 0. Here's some pics:
Maddox in a newborn onesie. It was huge on him.
The boys!
Me with the birthday boys. (i hate this picture! Im SO swollen and i look so tired! This was me with no sleep for over 24 hours! Dont judge!
While we took pictures, Pax and grandma went and walked around the hospital. He does duck lips now! SO FUNNY!
Then the boys took a nap :)
I was able to eat dinner the same day!!! It was awesome! With my first kid, i had to wait 2 full days :(

Here are some random photos!

On Sunday night, i started feeling really tight in my chest. It felt like an elephant was on it and it hurt so bad to breathe. When i would get up, i would huff and puff so hard and it literally took my breath away. When i would lay down, it hurt worse. I was also a sweating mess. I wasnt hot, but you wouldve thought i was with how much sweat i was producing. It was all just weird. So i told the nurses and they didn't seem to be worried. One said "oh its just heartburn" and that she would order an antacid for me. I told her that it didnt feel like heartburn but hey, what did i know!! So we tried the antacid, didn't work. Another nurse said its probably just from the spinal block and all that happened today... so i dropped it. But the next morning, Monday, it hurt a lot more. My doctor came in and checked my lungs and noticed something was wrong. She ordered a CT scan. What was stupid, is my IV was on my hand and they needed it in my arm, closer to my heart they said. So they had to redo my IV. IT HURT LIKE A MOTHER. Blood was just squirting out of me. It was gross. Anywho, they wheeled me down and i did the CT and then went back to my room. Later, my doctor came in and told me i developed Pulmonary Edema... Pretty much my lungs filled up with fluid. So she gave me a water pill, cant remember the name and MAN, i peed alllllll night long. Every 5 minutes i was up to the bathroom. But by that night i noticed a difference. On Tuesday, my doctor checked me again and instead of sending me home, she wanted me to stay another day. And to get a breathing treatment. Later, the respiratory specialist came in and we did the breathing treatment. She also did an echocardiogram to check my heart to make sure nothing was wrong with it. Preeclampsia can lead to congestive heart failure And pulmonary edema is usually a symptom of congestive heart failure, so she wanted to check that to make sure it was all good. And it was!! After the breathing treatment and needing to wear oxygen for a bit, my cousin Nikki came to the hospital to stay with me. It was a scary morning and i was all by my lonesome. It was nice having her there. Also, on Tuesday morning, i was told Maddox's blood sugar levels were still really low, that hes lost MORE weight, down to 6lbs 5oz, and that he was developing jaundice. SO, i could only have him in my room for 30 minutes to feed him and the rest of the time he would be in the nursery. That happened with Paxton and i absolutely hated it. Nothing worse. So Tuesday morning and afternoon was rough for me. I cried. A lot. We were supposed to go home that night but with everything that was going on, she told us we would stay another day. So we did. 

Wednesday, Maddox's blood sugar levels picked up a bit! YAY! And my breathing was slowly getting better. When my doctor came to check on me again, she still didnt like how my lungs sounded so she had us stay another day. And since i was staying, she ordered Maddox to be under the lights again all day. So i only had him for 30 minutes for feeding again :( Randy was one of the nurses in the nursery and he let me feed Maddox a lot longer! I loved it. He upped it to an hour when he was on shift every night! 
Me doing the breathing treatment

Thursday, my doctor cleared us to leave but wanted to see us back at her office on Tuesday. Then that would give Maddox a few more days to gain some weight so she could do the circumcision. And to check his blood sugar levels and jaundice again. We packed up all my stuff, signed papers, got tons of goodies and left!

Miley and Pax, excited to take me home!
A comparison of when i got to the hospital (37 weeks 1 day) and when i left the hospital (4 days after)
I wanted to walk, but they insisted on me being in a wheelchair
My family of 4 heading home!
On our way back home!

Overall, this delivery was AMAZING! Minus the pulmonary edema. I was up walking around the SAME day and it was just less stressful. Once you have one kid, you become a pro ;) haha....