Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Temple Attendance Vow

So today i went to the Provo temple with my two good friends, Julie and Whitney to do initiatories. It was my first time doing that since i went through the first time. It was SO neat. Ive missed the temple & the peace that i feel there. In fact, the last time we went was when my brother in law Spencer left for his mission. WHICH was in October. Marc and i used to go ALL the time. Like once a week almost. But then, being in the first trimester of pregnancy, i couldnt fathom the thought of going with how i was feeling. Well, now its on!! Today just made me realize how much i missed it. I make a vow to go AT LEAST once a week, every week :)

This picture is of the first time i went through the temple!!

Dumont Dunes!

So for New Years, we went to Dumont Dunes with my family. I LOVE THE DUNES. End of story. Actually its the beginning, but you get the point haha. Anywho, it was Marcs first time going to the sand dunes... ever... We have our brand new trailer, the weather is warmer then in Utah, we're with family, & friends, we're out in the fresh Death Valley air... what could possibly bum me out.. Oh thats right, im pregnant and cant ride :( boooooo. It was still fun. Luckily our rhino's belt broke while my mom & dad were out cruising the dunes, so i was able to go with my dad in our TRUCK to go tow it back to camp! It was comical!! Definitely one of those moments where you just had to be there! Marc had a fantastic time and i did too. Missed riding thats for sure :( But loved our dance party with the new system in the trailer, and watching my parents grind. hahahaha. SO FUNNY! Did i mention how i love the fact that my dads a sheriff and can get out of anything. well i do. He lit off fireworks, got busted & punked the little BLM's out there. I just love him!!Cant wait for more dune trips!!
Marc & i pretending that i rode haha
Dance party. Sis, Brandon, Kim, Me & Marc. Parents are in the kitchen dancing!
The Family That Plays Together, Stays Together :) Just missing Amanda & Miley
Marc at the dunes.. YAY! Oh & he's sporting his new Dumont shirt
Typical burning of the christmas tree on New Years Eve
Me 16 weeks pregnant.
Marc & i on the quad posing for a picture.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas Morning!

Well, we woke up with a camera in my face, literally! haha. Youll see a picture below. Sammi LOVES christmas so it was neat having her excitement to wake up too. We started off by reading the scriptures and then we dug into the presents and stockings! Everyone got everything they wanted! It was perfect. Brag time: Mom and i got Coach purses and from Marc i got the Tiffanys lock set that ive been wanting FOREVER! As for my dad and Marc, i got them these SWEET sweaters that matched :) cute huh haha. And Marc got loaded with manly tools: drill, electric saw, mini vaccuum, etc. We are both thankful for ALL that we got. Later we had brunch at my grandma Stuarts house with my family. After that, we went up to Marcs parents and had our christmas there as well. Lets just say i LOVE christmas but most importantly i LOVE that we were able to be with both Families! Thanks to everyone for making it so special

Camera in the face!! NO THANKS!!
Marc and his awesome tie. I got one for Brenden too!
YAY! my tiffanys :)
My dads awesome sweater!
Marc and his manly tools!
Sam and her first digital camera!
Uncle Kevin, My dad, Uncle Lance, Marc, RJ, Brandon and little Mark.
My mom, me, granny Betty, Aunt Gladys, Aunt Tina, Triny & Sammi.

Christmas Festivities Before Christmas Day!

Now that we're married, we each got to participate in family traditions. His family has 2 big family get-togethers. The Wilkinson party (his moms side) and the Harrison side (his dads family) I LOVED going to them. It was a blast and the food at both places was oh so good! We have one picture from the Harrison party that ill post. As for my side, every year we spend xmas eve at our friends, The Searles house. This year we went for about an hour and a half because we had to get back up to my in-laws for their xmas eve party. We sure love christmas parties! Now the tuesday before christmas eve, we got a HUGE group together and went to look at the Upland Lights. We had all of Marcs family besides Steph and her family. And from my side, we had my family and my friends, Chelsey, Randy and Cortney. The lights were awesome!

The whole gang in Upland
Me, The Grinch and Marc!!! Best thing of the night!!!! AND he talked like the grinch!
Okay, BEST DECORATION AWARD!!! i love this show! Well... did..
Marc and i in front of a PILOTS house!
Me, Sammi, The Grinch, Courtney, Elyse and Sydney.
Big family huh.. Well thats nothing, we were missing a couple more families!!!

The Nutcracker

The day we got to California, we were invited to go see The Nutcracker play in Long Beach. We were SO tired but managed to make it! We went with the Harrison parents and Devin and his date. It was SO much fun. We are so glad we were able to go! The night was topped off by my father in law getting me a WONDERFUL green burrito at del taco!! I just love him! All in all, it was a PERFECT day!!
Us in front of the theatre
Wayne and Terrie (Marc's parents)
He farted on me..... just kidding!! i dont know why i was cracking up haha

Temple Square Christmas Lights!

This was my (Heather) first time ever seeing temple square at christmas time and i LOVED it. Its already breathtaking but when you add christmas lights and decorations, its just GORGEOUS! We went with our friends Daniel & Traci. The only thing bad about the night was that i got REALLY sick when we were there. It was ridiculous. Thank you pregnancy :) haha. All in all though, it was fun.
SOO gorgeous!
Us in the Joseph Smith building