Wednesday, February 27, 2013

35 Week Appt

Yesterday i had my 35 week appt. I went straight in to do an NST rather then getting my routine check-up. We couldnt get a base heart rate for the baby so i ended up being on the NST for over an hour. His heart rate would go up and down from the 125's to the 180's. Crazy. After that, we talked about my symptoms and checked my BP which was awesome at 125/85! It hasnt been that low my whole pregnancy!! I did gain 5 lbs in less then a week :( And it is from swelling. Nothing much we can do because i eat really healthy. Im so upset about it though. UGH! Because of the baby's fluctuating heart rate and my weight gain, my dr wants another ultrasound on Friday to check my fluids again. She wants to see if my amniotic fluid is lower which might be causing babys heart rate to never have a resting point or if my weight gain is fluid which having too much fluid can be harmful for the baby, again might be causing baby's heart rate to never have a resting point. So we will know more on Friday. We will again check baby's weight too. We arent doing another urine collection!!! YAY! So that was great news! But ya, thats how the appt went.

D-Day in 11 days!!
Hopefully all goes well on Friday! 

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