Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Our Love Story!

In case you were wondering on how we met.... Here is our story! 
Told by Heather.

In the summer of 2006, I started going with my older friends to their singles ward church in Redlands. When I went, we sat in front of this whole row of guys. My friend Heather was passing notes back and forth and kept asking me who I thought was cute. I didnt know she was trying to hook me up with one of them! Anywho, the only one I was interested was named Marc. He was dang cute and super tan with these awesome crystal blue eyes and he had a permanent smile. After that, I started going to more church activities with my friend Heather and Chelsey for a couple weeks. Marc was always there too. Because, lets be honest... he was why I was going! We hung out with friends and went bowling together and then he finally asked me on a date. I agreed! I had never officially had a "real" date with a guy. My long term boyfriend and I just always hung out. Anywho, Marc arrived, in the midst of my dad cleaning his guns... and we left. He opened my door for me! So cute. Then we get on the freeway and he started driving in the left shoulder that was about to end and he slammed on his breaks just in time to avoid a collision.... I was scared! Poor guy must've been so embarrassed haha! We went to In-N-Out and then the movies. When the date was over, he opened my door for me, walked me to my door, and I went in for a hug but HE went in for a KISS! HE KISSED ME ON OUR FIRST DATE!!! To be completely honest.... it was AWFUL! haha. He was pretty fresh off of his mission and must've been nervous, and I guess I have a different kissing style... anyways, it caught me off guard and I was shocked but it just didnt work for me! We said bye, I walked into my house, freaked OUT, told my family he kissed me on the FIRST date and that was that.... We still texted each other but never went out again!

One night while on Facebook, I went to leave a wall post on my friend Brian Durr's page. I saw he just accepted a friend request from Marc Harrison. I thought, "could this be my Marc Harrison"? I clicked his page and of course started looking at pictures immediately to see if it was him. It was! Should I friend request him? Write him a message? Poke him? Naaaaaah. And I left it alone. A couple days passed and I just couldnt get it off my mind, so I went and friend requested him. Almost immediately, he wrote me a private message. We shot the breeze on life and why I stopped texting him back, etc. We talked only on facebook for about a week and then he asked for my phone number. We texted each other all day every day. The first time he called me, I was SO nervous! My phone rang, it was him, I ran downstairs, cleared my throat a million times, practiced saying "hello" and by then I missed his call... He text me right after and while I was texting him back, he called again. We talked for 4 hours! After that, we would text each other all day, every day. And at night we would talk on the phone for hours! We got to know each other pretty quickly. This lasted like 3 weeks.  I made plans to go to California for my 20th birthday. I had a great time in California for the week and while I was at Lake Mead with the Searle's, Marc said he flew in to see me! So Cortney and I left Lake Mead and headed home. We got back pretty late that Friday night but still, Marc wanted me to come see him at his parents house in Yucaipa. So about 10 o'clock I showed up to his parents, met them and hung out. It was my first time seeing Marc since we went on our first date back in 2006. The next day, my sister Sammi got baptized, Marc went to his friends wedding in San Diego, Miley got blessed and later, Marc and I hung out with my friends Chelsey and Randy at their house in Highland. There, Marc and I took our first picture! 
That Saturday night, I stayed at my sister's house in Yucaipa because Marc and I were going to road trip back to Utah so I could drop him off on my way home to Colorado. Sunday, we woke up, I picked Marc up, we headed to San Bernardino, went to my parents ward and then loaded the car, granny goo and Cortney was with us and we took off for Utah. The drive went quick because of all the conversations we all had. We got to Utah, dropped Marc off in Provo and drove to Salt Lake City. My friend Cortney lives their. We stayed at a hotel. Woke up and granny and I did temple square. We both have never been there. It was so beautiful. We took some amazing pictures. Anywho, She stayed 2 days and then flew back to Colorado because she had to get back to work. The trip was a blur, it went by really quickly. I remember playing at the parks a lot, going to Jump On It, playing flag football, going to the Hot Spots, swimming a lot and just hanging out with Marc. The last night I was there, Marc had a bit of drama with this girl he was seeing before me. TOTALLY ruined my night especially because I had this heart to heart with my friend Cortney about if i should DTR (determine the relationship) with Marc and we both agreed I should. The only problem was that I lived in Colorado and he lived in Utah. But ya, he was focused on this other chick that night while we went swimming with all his friends. He kept getting out of the pool and jacuzzi because his phone kept going off. He was glued to his phone. So I was all "ohhhhh heck no (snap finger) Im done" And told him that I was ready to go, so we left. We went back to his place, changed clothes, loaded my car, and as I was saying goodbye, he said "lets go to the park real quick" I was fuming inside but man, did I like this guy a lot... so we went. We played glow in the dark frisbee and then he tackled me and we laid there under the stars. (insert mushy gushiness now) We were holding hands, talking about life and then he calmly said "I love you" WHAAAAAT?! It was crazy! Not really sure what was said after that, just a lot of kissing. We got back in the car, he drove us up to this cliff with a big "Y" on it and it overlooked the city. It was beautiful. We talked for like 3 hours, made out, held hands and listened to this cd he burned for me. When we finally decided that it was time for me to head back to Colorado (it was 12am) "You and Me" by Lifehouse came on. I grabbed him and cried in his shoulder. (what was I thinking!!) I told him that I loved him for the first time. *We talked and texted for 4 weeks and spent 3 days together, and we were head over heels for each other. We were crazy! * Back to Colorado I went.

The Proposal:
On Christmas day, I flew out to California. A week prior, I schemed up a good plan with his sisters and mom to surprise him. I flew in, my sister picked me up, took me to the Harrison's house, I went out to their side house and got in a big ole' box! Terrie (Marc's mom) told the family that they had a "family gift" so everyone came into the side house and gathered around the box that I was in. Every one ripped into it and there I was! It took a minute for Marc to understand what was going on and that it was me in the box! It was comical. Once he came to, he grabbed me and hugged me as he pulled me out! 
I stayed with him and his family for 4 days. On December 27th, it was just a typical morning. Terrie made us breakfast along with her amazing shakes. Marc suggested we go to the beach. And i just didnt understand why when it was SO cold! But he insisted over and over. And even had his brother Devin insist that we double date. However, Devin couldn't find a date so he was our third wheel. Terrie packed us a picnic basket and we were on our way. We stopped at Sam's Club, got gas and the rest of the way Marc was just quiet. Too quiet. We got to Huntington Beach. Set up the chairs. IT WAS FREEZING!! We forgot the matches so we couldnt start a fire. Devin insisted on taking pictures of Marc and I so we posed for a few. 

Then Devin said that he was going to walk to the pier. The pier was SO far away from where we ended up! I thought he felt awkward being the third wheel. So he left. Marc and I hung out in these chairs for a long time before he handed me my "Christmas Present". It was a book! He knows I love reading. And then it said "50 Reasons I Love You"... He asked me to read it out loud. So i did. When it came to reason number 50, I had NO idea what he meant by that. Then I got quiet once i turned the page and realized what was happening! I kept saying over and over again, "Shut up, is this a joke?!" We talked about marriage. But we never went ring shopping and we never talked about ring details and what not. So this proposal was a COMPLETE shock! He finally said, "So... is that a yes?" as he held the ring out to me.... and i squealed with excitement YES! 
Here is part of the book.
Now, his original plan was to propose to me in an airplane, hence him on one knee in the book. But, i "ruined" that plan when i surprised him in California. He said that there was no way he was letting me go back to Colorado without proposing to me! Turns out, Devin never walked to the pier... He was hiding and taking pictures of us! When we got back to Marc's parents house, his whole family (7 siblings and their families) and friends all were there and congratulated us when we walked in the door! Marc is the first boy in the family to be getting married. 

The Wedding:
We were married in the San Diego Temple, of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints on March 20, 2009! The day was perfect! Im so grateful to be eternally sealed to the love of my life

And that is the beginning to our love story!

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