Wednesday, September 30, 2009

4 Cent Date Night

So last Friday, we got together with our friends and had a double date night. Seems like everynight we always play games we have or our wii or go to the movies. So this time we decided to go do something outdoors. After racking our brain with a million different ideas, i funnaly came up with something not really thinking that we'd do it. For those of you who live in Utah, your familiar with the "starving student" card. It has TONS of discounted things, from food, to car things, to entertainment, to retail stuff and the best of it being the FREE stuff! So thats what our date was. A little scavenger hunt to acquire all the FREE things on the card. (it was all food!!!) So we set out on our journey. Heres what we came up with.

Us at the Block Party
Dan & Trac at the Block Party
Free 8 inch pizza
Free loaf of bread.... tax=4 cents
Free Crustos from Taco Time, we ate them while they were hot so we dont have them on the table in the last picture!
Free nacho supreme... SO GOOD
Our treasures... total cost= FOUR CENTS!!

Heather's Earrings

These are my new diamond earrings from my in-laws!! So beautiful and they look even better on! Just felt like bragging and giving a public thank you to my in-laws!!

Love You & miss you

Monday, September 28, 2009

Under The Hawaiian Sea

So during our trip in Hawaii, we went snorkeling! And we snorkeled at one of the best places to snorkle that not many people know about to make it all crowded. Its called Sharks Cove and is on the north shore! ITS BEAUTIFUL!! Here are some underwater pics of us!

I (Heather) was so excited to use a underwater camera. ive never used one before and was skeptical on how well theyd show up, but we did get some good ones!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Heather's 21st Birthday!

Was a great hit... even though it was on a Sunday.

Woke up to notes left by Marc all over our house!!

There were many more but i dont need to post all of them!

Went to church. Took a nap. Had family over. Ate lunch. Visiting teachers and home teachers came over. Friends came over and surprised me later! Got a HUGE cupcake from the Sistrunks. And of course, opened some pretty WONDERFUL gifts.

CREED tickets!!!
Sudoku touch screen game.
Zebra rug.
Pearl necklace (matches the earrings and bracelet Marc gave me when we were dating!!)
4 pairs of cute earrings.
3 pairs of sunglasses
Diamond earrings, not studs, better, ill have to show a pic of them!
Tons of goodies from friends.

1 GIANT cupcake to top off the night.
Me knocking the Domino train down after playing mexican train game

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Yes, Shift, our "awesome" ropefish has passed away. We came home from vacation and there he was.... Marc is incredibly sad. Took it back to walmart because if youve had it less then 30 days theyll get you a new one, and well, they didnt have anymore.... Theyre supposed to get a shipment in, hes hoping... i on the other hand.. not to much haha.

Shift, May You Rest In Peace

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Awesome Blog To Come!!

Yes.. our trip to Hawaii will be posted soon and all the AMAZING pictures!
Just too lazy right now and still busy unpacking, doing laundry and cleaning.
You know the drill after vacations.
So one day soon i'll get them up :)

Until then, i had my first day of school today!!
Its awesome and i love it.

Also, today is our SIX month anniversary!!
We've made it half of a year already and it just seems like yesturday that we met in the celestial room together to be married for time and for all eternity.
Boy, has time flown by.

Us today....
Us on March 20,2009

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Marc's New Obsession

Allow me to introduce Shift.... Marc's ropefish. Isnt it sick! It can grow 16 inches long and can maneuver its way out of the tank!! YA.. scary right. Well it can also live 4 hours out of the water. Hopefully it wont make its way to our bedroom. Its pretty much like a snake and an eel mixed together. It bites and has barbs on its tail... whats not to love right??!!

We found this bad boy at walmart and since Marc layed eyes on it, he has been dreaming of it at night. Lame huh. haha. So we talked to the old man that runs the fish department and he gave us all kinds of information on it and informed us that one day he came into work and found one of the ropefish in the auto department... which meant, they get out of their tanks. i kept saying, no way will we ever get that!! The old man then begins to talk about his wife and their animals and let me tell you, he had some funny stories. i just love old people :) so then.... after we kept going back on forth to get it or not to get it.. the old man was all, id love to know who wins this battle... Well, a few days later we were back, i saw the old man and i put my head down. haha.

Movie Night

Here's just a random blog about how much we love movie night and lounging around our home! Its so much fun being married and filling up your time with eachothers presence :) Here's us on one of the MANY movie nights we have. Yup.... thats all haha.


Im selling this for 20.00 :)
This printer is originally 150.00.... im selling it for 80.00 :)

call me at 909-806-5040

Brown Hair

So if you saw from the pictures below, i dyed my hair... brown.... I thought everyone read my facebook status but evidently not. So yes, i dyed my hair. haha.