Friday, February 22, 2013

Missing My Pax Pt: 2

My mom has been so good at sending me tons of pictures of Pax, on top of facetiming him as much as possible. So naturally, i collage them together and post them! I just miss him! Anywho, he has had a blast. Him and Chubbs play catch and play in general almost every day. He goes to his friends houses when my mom works a few hours a day. He goes to the park a few times a week with my mom and has even had play dates at the park. Again, im so happy that he has been able to have so much fun these last few weeks. Heres a few of him enjoying life!
Facetiming Pax at bath time!!
Pax and Sawyer took their grannies to the park to feed the ducks!
Pax wrote Mickey Mouse and Miley wrote Rapunzel and they sent the kids a signed 5x7 picture! Pax takes it everywhere! Its on the table when he eats breakfast, its in his bed at bedtime and nap time. And he will bring it in the car when they go to run errands! Cracks me up!

He still will not poop in the potty... Any mommas have advice for that?! He wears undies all day except at nap time, cause he usually poops after his nap. And my mom has washed his undies numerous times cause hes pooped in them. HELP! But ya, he is still working on that. He also says "ohhhhh.......myyyyy......gooooodness" whenever he seems it fit to say. We facetimed one morning and asked to "see my belly with baby brother in it"... So i showed him my bare belly and he said "ohhhhh.......myyyyy......gooooodness" Ive never heard that before and man, i about died laughing. Its so cute! I cant wait to snuggle him when he gets back to Utah!

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