Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Baptism, Here We Come!

A lady that i visit teach has finally set a date to be baptized!!! She will be doing it this Friday at 7pm. For all of you that can make it, it will be a WONDERFUL event!!! So come and support her!

Ya know, when i first found out i was visiting a nonmember, i was REALLY nervous. Dont ask me entirely why but i just did. I guess i didnt want her to feel like we were pushing the gospel on her. After seeing how much love she had for the gospel at church, i knew immediately it would only be a matter of time before she set a FOR sure date to be baptized. She is definitely such a strong spirit and i know Heavenly Father is SO proud of her for this decision! im so glad to have the oppurtunity to help her testimony grow (even though its already so strong!!) Im also thankful to be her visiting teacher!!


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Baby Furniture Makeover!

So about a month ago, Marc and i got a good deal on KSL for a crib/toddler/full bed & a dresser/changing table/cabinet! They were a really pretty oak color but i wanted them black. So my amazing husband did all the work for me and they turned out beautifully! We like the cabinet/dresser in our living room cause its just a huge room and helps occupy space. BUT as time gets closer to the baby arriving, we'll have to just come up with something else to fill the wall! Here's the finished products!!

My Boys.

Well, as a lot of you know, i have a lot of clothes. My clothes & shoes take up our whole huge closet in our bedroom, so Marc has his stuff in our 2nd bedroom closet which is a lot smaller then mine. Well now that we're having a baby, they both have to share! Ive tried getting rid of a lot of my stuff so our baby can have his own little closet but it just cant happen : ( I took a picture to show you how CUTE Baby Harrisons clothes look next to Marc's!
I love my little men SO much!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Baby Harrison Is Registered

Last night, Marc and i spent our date night registering for our baby boy. We did Penneys & BabiesRus. Marc loves that scanner gun! haha. Anywho, here is a picture of the bedding we want & how we are going to do his room! i fell IN LOVE with it when i saw it. I especailly love it because its gender neutral! Yay!
Oh and for those of you wondering about a baby shower, rumor has it my mom & friend Cortney will be throwing me a baby shower in California on March 20. (Yes thats our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!!) Thats the only time ill be there before the baby is born. Ill keep you updated when i find out whats going on! And for you Utahans, my Aunt Doreen will be hosting a little one for me out here. Again, ill keep you posted!!

And while we are speaking of Baby Harrison & shopping & all that jazz, i just want to thank my mom and dad for giving us a substantial amount of money to get Baby Harrison the necessities people can or wont buy him & to start a savings for him. It means SO much to us & we are SO grateful. So for all of you who are interested in my financial spendings on Baby Harrison, its not really "me" shopping for him, its his grandparents!

Marc's New JOOOOB!!

To give you a little background, after found out we were pregnant, we realized that Marc either had to get another job or he had to find a better job then Yozone. So Marc applied back in November at the airport & the spot was filled, without him :( We were both bummed. We just wanted our big break to come. But i guess what weve learned from this is how essential the timing is. Marcs other job is a joke so now he has the oppurtunity to leave it and let me just tell you how excited we are for this! Our prayers have definitely been answered!!

So earlier this week, Marc received a call from a lady at the Provo Airport asking if he would still be interested in working for them. OF COURSE, he said yes. She later told him that she'll run the background check & he'll start next week (meaning this upcoming Monday!!) Just like that, my hubby got the job hes been wanting.. for now(until he goes commercial). He'll be doing dispatch which is loading the engines, taking them in and out of the hangars, and all that good stuff. Its a lot more vigorous then his job now but we'd pick that hard work anyday if it meant moving to a company that appreciates what you do. Not to mention, he wont be out till way past midnight, AND it pays more! HOLLER!

So you fellow blog readers of mine, if any of you have been turned down from a job or have been wanting a big break, keep your head up. The Lord will bless you when the TIME is right!

23 Weeks & 5 Days Looks Like This...

So while sitting at work, completely bored and alone, i thought of how long its been since ive done a belly shot. Here i am 23 weeks and 5 days along. Its not much of a pudge but its definately not my rock hard, six pack abs i used to have :) haha. My face also looks like im frowning, im not! My feet also look swollen, there not! I also look like im arching my back for my butt to stick out, im not! Its getting just as pudgey as my belly!!!! Kind of... Oh pregnancy is just so fun!! Ill keep them coming!

Ive Come To Realize....

That as time goes on, i take out my camera less! I mean A LOT LESS! Everyone always considered my camera and i conjoined twins. But lately, i dont know if its the whole "pregnancy" factor but i NEVER use my own camera to capture fun moments. When we were first married, i think marc was a little tired of the attention i always gave it or he would always say... "another one??!!!" But now, i think he misses it :) Ill try and be better!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Never A Dull Moment With Us 3 Blondes!

Words dont do the fun we have justice. So heres pictures!
Shopping at Nordstroms... in the bathroom haha
Macbook Fun with cort!
Salt Lake City Temple Day
Pure Beauty fun!
Fun at Dicks Sporting Goods
More Macbook fun!

I love you girls so much!!!

Now, to see some real funny stuff, go to my facebook and watch the tagged videos of me. Its all of us girls having definate blonde moments haha.

Road Trip To Colorado!

Well after my mom and cort came to visit, we decided to road trip to colorado to see my sister, niece and granny. We had SO much fun. There is never a dull moment with us three blondes thats for sure. First night we got there, we went to BJ's!!! i LOVE their izookies. Especially their oreo one. OH BABY!!! my mouth is watering up just thinking about it. Then we stuffed all of us in my sisters toyota four runner and ventured out to southlands to go shopping. Then back home after that. The second day, us girls all got ready and ventured to my old work, JCP. (Granny still works there) so we went to shop and visit her. Later we just hung around the house and all played together. My niece is the cutest little girl in the world, thats right, i said it. I always get her to crack up. Makes me feel so special! Then the third day, being friday, i went to a farewell, my old boss at JCP was having. he got transferred to another Penneys. It was SO sad to see him leave :( but im glad i was able to make it. Then while granny was at work, us girls ventured down to the garden of the gods, Colorado Springs, ate at chipotle and headed back up to denver. Amanda and i went back to penneys because my dear friend barbara, who is like a second mom to me was gonna take me shopping for my baby boy! And lets just say we got SOOO much stuff for him for less then 50 bucks! I mean he has at least 5 outfits alone plus some other goodies. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH barby boo. Then we went back to the house and made fajitas for dinner. it was my first time ever cooking a REAL meal with my sister and i loved it. Then sadly, we woke up Saturday morning and road tripped back home :( Wish we couldve stayed longer.
Us girls at Chipotle
Wanye and I
"Beautifying" my already beautiful sister
Miley Paige :)
Tete, Amanda & Miley all goofing around!
Mom, her two daughters & grandbaby
This little girl has me wrapped around her finger!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Results Are In.... ITS A BOY!!!!

The Ultrasound Appointment:
Well. As you can all see from my blog title, we found out today that we're having a BOY!!!! We are so excited. We both were hoping for a boy, but of course wouldve been happy with a girl as well. Marc and i just like the whole, "big brother" idea and well, i dont think im ready for a girl! Not to mention, with all the cute bows and lace leggings out there, we'd totally go bankrupt!!! Anywho, BOY IT IS!!!! The weird thing was was that last night i had a dream that i found out we were gonna have a baby boy & my doctor named him Aiden. I was SO mad in my dream. Who does the doctor think she is naming my baby!!! haha. Well i told marc, my mom & cort this morning & sure enough ITS A BOY!!!! What was funny is with my sisters ultrasound, the tech did all the health checks first, like the measurements & all that & told her what she was having last by typing it onto the screen for my sister to see. My tech today, put the WARM gel on me today (SOOO NICE) & then put the little stick thing on me & told us RIGHT away that it was a boy! Took me a couple seconds to register!! Then i screamed & we were all shooting hooray. You can definately see his junk & he wasnt very modest about it either! He is so cute! We were able to get two, 3d pictures, we wouldve had more but he was wiggling like crazy! My mom & Cort came down from california to be there today for the ultrasound & i just want them to know how much i appreciate them!

The happy parents-to-be!!
Cort & Marc waiting!
Me letting the news that its a boy sink in. I was SO excited
The baby in 3d

Publishing The News:
We had an idea on how to tell everyone what we were having. i didnt just want to call, or text or post it in my status that it was a boy. I wanted to make it fun. My idea worked out! The heart wouldve been pink if it was a girl & of course blue for a boy. And just to clear the air, we didnt let ANYONE know via text message or phone call. Everyone had to wait. So dont be all boo boo about it :)

The Firsts:
As most of you know, my moms side has no boys. She's had all 3 girls, my grandma had my mom & well, Marc & i are having the first grandson & great grandson, cousin, nephew, etc. (on my side) Later today, we went shopping at Nordstroms!! Got our little boy his very first teddy bear!! And it is SO stinkin cute! My mom also got him his very first outfits! He's gonna be so stylish & cute! I cant wait! My mom also made him his first bedroom decoration! Here's some pictures below. Thank you mom for EVERYTHING!

His first teddy and first room decoration!
Thanks MOM!
My friend Erica viewing the picture where it shows, HES A BOY!!!! hahaha!