Tuesday, February 12, 2013

33 Week Appt

Today i had my 33 week appointment. i was seen on Friday, but we didnt consider that my appt. This was the first appointment that Marc wasnt able to come to :( So here is what we know.
- BP is still consistently high
- i gained back 2 lbs
- i am measuring at 35 weeks
- Baby is still head down (i thought he turned again but was wrong!)
- Put on the NST. Baby is still having great accelerations. His base heart rate has lowered a bit to the 130's instead of in the 150's
- i am having contractions about 5-7 minutes apart but nothing big. I told her i dont feel them as much as i do when im on the NST. Still Braxton hicks but she is having me do another NST on Friday to see if they are still that close. And then next appointment (Wednesday the 20th) she will check my cervix to make sure im not dilating because if i am, then im going into preterm labor on my own.
- Next week i will do another 24 hour urine collection and get all that blood work done again

AND the most exciting thing i learned at this appointment is that she will schedule my delivery at 37 weeks if i make it to then. She said our 1st goal is to make it to 35 weeks and then our 2nd goal is to make it to 37 weeks. Of course, that depends on if my preeclampsia gets severe fast. Right now, its mild but still there. Now because i was diagnosed with pre-e my first pregnancy at 34 weeks, she is a little nervous with me approaching 34 weeks because i can get worse fast... just like i did with Pax. So thats why i will be doing more blood work and the urine collection next week and then after next week, we will do it once a week. I asked her if i were to stay the same, consistent, if she would still schedule the delivery and she said yes, because my BP still shouldnt be that high. And she knows im miserable being on bed rest and without Pax. And Maddox is healthy. Pax was born at 36 weeks and completely healthy so im not worried about this baby being born at 37 weeks.

SO, this baby will be here before or during the first week of March! Its crazy that we finally have light at the end of the tunnel and SOME sort of time frame so we can plan our move and all that jazz. Marc is for sure taking the March 17th job opening. So the baby will be about 2 weeks old (if not older) when we move. Kinda nervous about that. Especially with me and my recovery. Fingers crossed all goes well with that. But ya, so now we wait still. Wait to see if it gets worse or wait till 37 weeks to have baby Maddox.

Until Friday......

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  1. Wait wait wait! On top of all this, you're MOVING?! Where are you moving to????