Thursday, February 21, 2013

34 Week Appt

Well, last Friday, i had a follow up appt with a different dr because mine was out of town. Marc wasnt able to come because of a flight. Darn it. I had to do blood work because on Thursday my right eye was completely blurry and i couldnt see out of it for over 3 hours. I get blurry eyes a lot lately but it never lasted that long. I also had an NST to check my contractions since they were 5-7 minutes apart on Tuesday. He didnt go over the results with me but he documented everything and gave all the info to my dr.

My appt with my dr was yesterday (Feb 20). Marc came with me to this appt. Woo hoo! My symptoms seem to be progressing. i gained 5 lbs in 1 week, which is another symptom of pre-e. My BP was 139/88. I am measuring 35 1/2 cm. Baby is still head down. When i was hooked up to the NST, i had no contractions! And the baby DID NOT want to be monitored. He was flipping and moving and man, i thought he was gonna come popping out my left side. It hurt so bad! His heart rate for 4 minutes was in the 190's. Crazy! Everything was good. Then we went over my symptoms. My headaches are getting worse. My eyes are getting blurry more frequently. And im nauseous a lot lately. Not to mention, im starting to swell :( (hence, the 5 lbs) Bottom line, im just crummy! BUT, we decided that we are going to try to keep to our 2nd goal of keeping this baby in till i reach 37 weeks. If we can... 


While talking to my dr, she set an ending goal for me. She said i can deliver on March 9th or 10th. I will be a couple days over 37 weeks. We picked March 10th because its Marc's birthday and its Marc's dad, Wayne's, birthday! So itd be cool to have a 3 generation Harrison boy birthday. Fun huh! SO, we are aiming for that!

I had to go to the hospital to get my wonderful orange pee jug for my THIRD 24 hour urine collection. I started that at 2pm yesterday and ended it today. Im SO over doing that. 

i see my dr again on Friday to go over the urine results, to do an NST, and to do another AFI ultrasound. We are checking the fluid and the baby's weight. If my protein comes back high then she might take the baby a lot sooner. But it also depends on baby's weight and fluid. So we will see. But we do know that my preeclampsia is progressing :( Dang it.

I had my 1st breakdown since being put on bed rest.....

Now, why did i have a break down? Im not too sure why. There are a few things that keep playing in my head. Mainly, i am just SO tired of being on bed rest. I sit at home all day long alone because Marc works. And yes, i know i can have people over and sometimes i do, but im not much of a hostess. And that KILLS me. And to be honest, i dont feel like entertaining. So i guess being alone is on me. But Im just emotionally and mentally tired of it. I feel like im going crazy. And yes, the hubs lets me have a cheat day sometimes. But still, being on bed rest for 5 weeks is THE hardest and most frustrating thing ive had to deal with. And the thought of going 2 more weeks makes me just shudder. But i know itll be good for the baby. And i want that. But ahhhh, its frustrating. Im miserable.... And then i think its because i have to wait 2 more weeks to see Pax. I MISS HIM. My life is not the same without him. And missing him doesnt help. I give myself credit for holding it together for 5 weeks. Yesterday, it just all came crashing down on me and i just couldnt stop the water flow.

This baby will be here within 17 days. 

Until Friday....


  1. You poor girl! There's an end in sight, lets hope it goes fast.

  2. Wow, I can't even imagine what it's like, Heather! I know you like to be up and about and doing so many things! What do you do on bed rest? Do you read books? Surf the internet? I don't know what I'd do! You are such a powerhouse mom already to this little guy --- he's very lucky to have such a dedicated mama. You CAN DO THIS.