Monday, September 27, 2010

Paxton is 18 Weeks & Rolling!

He is exactly 18 weeks, or 4 months & 3 days!
He rolls belly to back.
It seems like it was a piece of cake for him!
We took him to our friends house, the Pedersens and showed them Paxtons new trick!
All together today, he did it about 7 times!!! Also...
He loves to stand, with help of course but he does the majority of it by himself!
He gets on his knees when he's on his belly
Next thing i know, he'll be crawling.
Time is flying by.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Angel Friends?

Doesnt it look like he has his arm around someone?! He would keep looking to his left and would laugh as if someone was there also! I like to think it was his angel friends :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Disneyland For My 22nd Birthday

Thats right, i finally was able to go to disneyland!! The last time i was there was 8th grade when we had a cheerleading competition there. So it was crowded and didnt ride rides. Well we went on Monday, September 20th and it was a perfect day to be there!! The longest we waited in a line was 30 min. Everything else, we walked right on! It was so much fun! Not to mention, the first ride we went on was a 10 minute wait & guess who was in that line with me... LO FROM THE HILLS!! i was so starstruck, and i didnt wanna blow her cover so i didnt get a picture with her. i totally regret it though. Dang it. But ya it was the perfect day! We ate at an all you can eat bbq in the park and had ribs, chicken, sausage, beans, corn on the cob, cole slaw, cornbread. it was SO good. I just want to give a shout out to my dear rachel jolley for getting 3 of us in for free, for the buttons, and for the fastpass tickets! Your the best, thank you so much for making my bday that more special. And thanks to my family & friends for the birthday wishes! I had a blast!
Waiting for the tram
Peyton and Sammi
Pax's first time to disneyland!
Family picture at disneyland
Rachel, Marc, Pax & i
Sammi and Peyton walking the streets...on main street
Such a fun time to come
Sammi and my dad
Us and to the left is LO and her bf!!!!
Space Mountain
Our picture haha
Paxton chillin in his stroller
LO and my mom
Us kids in line on Splash Mountain
My parents and Pax and Pooh
Tigger, my parents and Pax
My dad was taking pictures of himself on the Indiana Jones ride
My birthday pin
Pax with Woody and i
His cute grin!
My handsome hubby and i
Sammis face is priceless in this picture haha
ENDLESS amount of food!
Thunder something ride.
Us posing before we got on the matterhorn ride. WORST ONE EVER
My cute parents
My parents and Marc and i
HAHAHA LOVE this picture
Sammi driving the cars
The castle!
My parents in front of the castle
Family picture on the Carousel & Paxtons first time on one

Halloween time at disneyland!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Cousin Time Round Two!

Me & Paxton, Steph & Layah, Bree & Caiden
Pax was tired of pictures
Luke (the one on the couch) was having fun while us girls gossiped!!
Pax was pooping..
My stud and his cousins
Layah, Luke, Logan, Paxton, Landon, Llayton & Caiden.

Paxton's Baby Blessing!

On Sunday, September 19th, we blessed Paxton at my homeward in california. It was last minute so we apologize for not letting everyone know. We thought facebook was a good way to spread the message but we were wrong! Sorry again to those who didnt know. Anywho, it was a special day because Paxton wore Marc's blessing outfit when he was a baby!! It was a great blessing, a little scary at times. i loved sitting there knowing that MY husband was blessing MY baby. It was amazing and for that, i am so thankful for the gospel in my life! Afterwards we had lunch at the Harrisons house and we were able to spend time with our family and friends! It was a great day! And as my 10 year old sister Sammi said "Pax, today your going to become a member of the church!" haha so cute! Only 8 more years to go.
Some of the group. Missing about 9 people in the building
Mima & Pax having a moment
My parents
My parents, sister Sammi & i
Part of the Stuart clan
Stuart clan plus Chels & Randy
Our little family
Pax is sooo handsome... & you too Marc!
i was tickling him haha
My mom & me & Paxton
My cousins, Catrina & MarK Allan, then Sammi, Paxton, MarC Allan & me
Aunt Tina & uncle Kevin & their two kids & Pax
Auntie Sammi & Pax
My best friends & us
Matching ties for my boys!
My best friends, the Boghs