Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pax is 15 Months

Today we had Paxton's 15 month check-up. Here are his stats:
Weight- 22 lbs 1 oz- 35%
Height- 32 inches- 80%
Head- 46.2 cm- 35%
Pax is now up to date on his shots. We discussed his hernia and if he was going to need surgery and the doctor said, "For now, its closed up a lot. We will continue to watch it but at this point, Im going to say he won't need surgery." That was music to my ears! YAY!

Paxton is eating more and more these days. He is officially only drinking from a sippy cup both straw and spout top. He only likes the soft ones. He has 3 teeth on the top and 2 teeth on the bottom. But there is a 3rd tooth barely poking through. He is in size 3 diapers because when he pees, he peeeees. Size 2's couldn't hold it anymore. The 3's are big on him but oh well. They hold it in! He is in 12-18 month jeans. They are big around his waste but they manage to stay up. He is very active. Loves walking and is learning how to walk at a faster pace (running) He loves books and will bring one to me to read to him. He blows kisses....Baaaaah. And he says bye and nigh nigh. He says Biyey for Miley. It is SO cute! He is so much fun!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Miley and Paxton's 2nd Photoshoot!

During my visit in Colorado, we did another shoot of all of us. It is so crazy to see how much all of us have changed. Especially Paxton! Enjoy!

And here is 2010's picture next to this year, 2011's picture!

Miley's 3rd Birthday!

That's right, my baby girl, ok my sister's baby girl, turned THREE this year! I can't believe it! To celebrate, on the 14th, my sister planned this fun party at this jumping pace in Colorado. It was a Tangled theme! It was so much fun and we all had a blast! 


Colorado Trip August 2011

Pax and I went to Colorado August 10-23. I always go for Miley's birthday which is on the 15th. This year she will be THREE! I can't even believe it! Anywho, Pax and i flew out of PROVO to Denver and it was SO nice. We should up to the airport 20 minutes before my flight left and it was perfect! Definitely like that route more then driving 45 minutes to Salt Lake City! We did so much while i was there! We played at our pool, went to my favorite sushi place, Hapa, went to BJ's for my pizookie, shopped A LOT, went to a Rockies game, took tons of pictures and relaxed. I did have to work Mon-Friday while i was there but it went well. It was a much needed trip because a week before i got there, my grandma had a Mastectomy because she was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was able to take her to her doctors visits and just be there for her. It was hard for me to see the scar and all that entailed from the surgery. It breaks my heart that she has to go through this but i know she is strong and i know she will fight through this. We are just waiting to hear if she has to do Chemo :( Fingers crossed that she won't have too.  I love Colorado and i love my family there. Its always SO hard leaving.
Amanda and Pax
Granny Goo and Miley playing 
Amanda, Pax and Miley playing with her Tangled toys
Pax had a few hot cheetos, and then it finally hit him how hot they were!
My boy and his LA hat
Miley showing me her chip
Miley and i
Pax and i
Pax was SUPER excited haha

Amanda and Jess giving Miley and Pax a should ride
My handsome boy and i at the playground 
Love these two!
Pax and i sitting in our seats watching the game. Ps, the man and his wife behind us loved Pax and kept him entertained a lot!
Amanda, Jess and Miley
My bestest friend!!

Then we went to Chuck-E-Cheese

Good thing there wasn't pizza in there!
Gege and Pax lovin on each other
Pax and i riding a horse
We loved it!

Love my little mini me

And then we relaxed at home and played a lot!
She is obsessed with me playing the "Stinky Feet" game
And Pax likes sitting on my face
Isn't he so handsome!?

I LOVE COLORADO!!! Until next time......