Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thanksgiving Point Gardens

Today, Aunt Dorene, Paxton & i went to the gardens at thanksgiving point! Every Tuesday in August is 2 dollars! Otherwise, its 10 dollars. It was bigger then we expected & pretty. We wish they would've labeled their plants & flowers more because it would've been nice to know what they were. Anywho, we had some strawberry frozen lemonade and walked around this HUGE field. We came upon a little lake with LILYPADS on it. Ive always wanted to see these in person and finally did. We even spotted a few frogs on them! SO COOL! Then we fed the HUGe goldfish there! i mean HUGE! Afterwards, we grabbed a bite to eat at Subway and headed home! It was a fun venture for us 3. Thank you Dorene for the treat!!
Huge fish!!
Frog on lilypad
Fish and lilypads
Rose garden

Paxton's A Talker!!

Paxton is 14 weeks!!

......Which equals 3 months & 6 days!!
He smiles REAL big & has cracked up once only
He weighs 13 pounds .5 ounces
He is 23 1/2 inches tall
He smiles ALL the time (esp at his momma!!)
He is following objects with his eyes and head
He can sit up with some help
He takes 3o minute catnaps during the day
He turns his head to my voice
He is starting to unfold his tight fists
He stares at small objects
He is talking like crazy! I love the coo'ing!!
He lets momma know what every cry means now

AND.... for you parents out there. Paxton has a few "words" he always uses. I looked them up and found this article!! He does 3 out of the 5. Now i can help him more!!

According to Dunstan the five universal sound reflexes are...

NEH – I’m Hungry.
OWH – I’m Sleepy.
HEH – I’m experiencing discomfort.
EAIRH – I have lower gas. (I have an upset stomach)
EH – I need to burp.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Colorado Fun!

Here are some miscellaneous pictures of my fun time in Colorado!
Paxtons first pizookie at BJs
Me, Barb & Pax

Miley & Pax on his tummy time mat
Haha so cute
Paxton barfed on Tia
Tia & Paxton!
Kisses for Pax
Pax in a bumbo chair for the first time!
Haha this face is So funny
Gege, Me, Amanda, and our babies!
Sisters and kids
My sister and i
Pax and i playing

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Miley's 2nd Birthday

When i first got to hold her!!
Miley at 2 weeks
Miley at 2 YEARS!

Thats right... Miley turned TWO this year. So to celebrate, Pax and i drove to Colorado (he did great in the car!) I remember the day she was born and the joy i have of being her tete. She is my little minnie me & i LOVE her so much!!
Life of the party!
Mileys shirt
Monkey cupcakes we made
Gege & Pax
Pinata! Miley was too scared to do it
All the girls who played the pinata
Miley and some of her presents
Her new bike!!
Miley & i fighting haha
Us playing in her new ball pen toy!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Miley & Paxtons Photoshoot!

On August 13th, we went to Penneys and had our friend Carly take these for us!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Girls Night Out

On August 6th....For Erica's last girl night before she moved back home to illinois, we went to applebees. We ate, gossiped & played rock band! It was a lot of fun. Shout out to ERICA.
On another note, it was nice to get out of the house while Marc watched Paxton & put him to bed.
It was the FIRST night i didnt put him to bed. SAD huh haha
three peas in a pod!
me & hal
me & my erbear
LOVE these two girls!