Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Printables

So I've been learning how to use my CS5 suite and MAN, i am addicted! Here's a few Christmas Printables I've done. They are all 8x10's except the first one which is a 5x7. Not to bad for learning, eh?!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

22 Week Ultrasound

Today we had another ultrasound and this one, again, was an anatomy check! I loved hearing for the second time that baby is healthy and that my placenta is now, nowhere near my cervix!! Baby Boy is healthy and definitely a boy. We got some amazing pictures printed out and about 19 images on a cd. I LOVE my doctors office and the tech Paul that works there. He did Paxton's ultrasounds too. Sorry, i dont like posting genital pictures online, weird i know. But i promise he's a boy! Baby Harrison #2 is still breech and his head is jammed up under my right rib cage. And he's pretty far up! It was hard getting good pictures of his face because on one side was my rib cage and the other my placenta. So i get to go back at 30 weeks and do another ultrasound and he is going to do some 4d ones!! YAY! Also, as of now i have gained 10 lbs! Not bad compared to my first pregnancy. I think i gained 24 lbs by now with Pax. YIKES! Here's some pictures of baby boy #2!

His face looking straight at you
Arm and hand with head on the left
Cute bum cheeks
Profile view
Head on the left and hand holding my rib cage.
One 4d picture that we were able to get! Rib cage is on the right and blurry part on the left is the placenta

Also, my sister Amanda and niece Miley were down visiting so they were able to come to the ultrasound appointment with us! It was fun to have them there! Miley is so excited to have another baby boy cousin! 

Temple Square Lights

The last night my sister was here, we decided to go check out Temple Square Lights! It was beautiful as always and im SO glad City Creek is right there because it opened up SO much parking!! So we didnt have to walk from tim-buck-too. It was great. We showed Amanda City Creek and of course the kids loved the lights. My brother has class at LDS Business College every Tuesday so he was able to meet us there too! It was fun! If youve never been, i HIGHLY recommend it. Its just so beautiful and peaceful! Afterwards. we went to Deseret Book and did some shopping! I found the most AMAZING Christ picture ive ever seen! Im SO excited about it!! Ill post pictures soon!

Salt Lake City Temple
Hubs and i
Uncle Brenden with his niece and nephew... and Grinch
Like i said, Grinch goes EVERYWHERE!! Love my cute boy
Brother and Sisters
My fambam
Sister and I
Pax and Grinch all snuggled into the stroller!
Marc and Pax!
Amanda, Me, Miley and Brenden
Our family
22 Weeks and 3 days!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

21 Weeks

I cant believe i am already 21 weeks. This pregnancy is going by way too fast. Its crazy. Nothing much is new except an ultrasound appointment on November 27th! Cant wait!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

20 Weeks & A Hospital Visit

20 weeks is here!!
Not much is new except that i get heartburn almost every night... YUCK! 
Also, on Sunday, the 11th, i had to go to the hospital. I was vomiting all day and couldnt keep anything down. I was lethargic and had the WORST headache that ive ever had in my life. I kept putting off going because i knew that they werent going to do anything for a pregnant person. But Marc was all for me going because he knew i needed some fluids at least. After throwing up one last time and almost passing out at the toilet, i figured we'd better just go. And then the cramping came and that was awful. It was pretty scary. So i had my brother come and watch Pax and we were off to the ER. When we got there, they took me up to L&D and had me change into a gown and they started hooking me up to every machine. My pulse rate was high, babies heartrate was lower but not low enough to cause concern and then they started the fluids. I had 4.5 liters of fluids through an IV. Crazy huh. And even after the 4.5 liters, i still didnt have to pee. Then they gave me Zophran and a little bit of Morphine for my cramp pain and my awful headache. Now before you freak out about the morphine, i know that the baby feels that, im not dumb. I was in a lot of pain. And they gave me a third of the standard amount they give patients. Anywho, I was there for a little over 6 hours. Then about hour 5, we started some crackers and some Sprite. I started getting naucious again and they gave me Phenegran. That stuff worked amazing! It helped me fall asleep and made the nausea go away. They wanted me to stay till i had to pee but i just kept asking if i could go home. They let me! By the time we got to the car, i was PASSED out. Marc drove and got me Club crackers from the store. (i always have saltines but the hospital gave me Club crackers, the kind in the green box with the elf and they were AMAZING!!!) So we got home, Marc helped me upstairs to our room and i again, passed out. The next day, Marc had to do a cross country flight to California with one of his students so i was by myself with a very active 2 1/2 year old. It was SO hard. Thank goodness i have an amazing cousin, Nikki, THANK YOU. She took Pax for me and made me dinner. Then the next day, she came over and visited and made lunch for me. Total blessing she was. Thank you again!!
Hooked up
My sweet boys playing together and waiting

Sunday, November 4, 2012

19 Weeks!

Well, Im 19 weeks... Crazy to think that this is my halfway point for this pregnancy. My doctor will deliver me at 38 weeks if i make it to then! Ive gained 6 lbs. Which is great compared to my last pregnancy! Still craving salty foods and tons of hot sauce. SO weird!

Also, tons pf people are asking me if i made this shirt, and i sure did. Just made my number template In Adobe Illustrator and printed it on fabric transfers and ironed it on the shirt! SO easy. If you want the number template, then let me know and i can email it to you!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

This year for Halloween, we procrastinated as always and i was stuck sewing our costumes an hour before our church Halloween party. They came together pretty good considering the amount of time i had. I dont know why i wait till the last minute.... Oy vey! Anywho, our ward party went good. 
Bam-Bam and Betty
Bam-Bam and Barney

Then on Halloween, we went to our friends house, The Sistrunks and we had dinner with another couple, The Penrods and their daughter and then we went trick-or-treating. 
It was freezing so we had to revamp Bam-Bam's costume
Marc and Bam-Bam
Our family
The girls and the babes
The gang!