Sunday, October 31, 2010

Paxton's 1st Attempt With Rice Cereal

Paxton's pediatrician told me to start him on rice cereal.. so we did. Here he is 1 day shy from being 23 weeks old.
Bottoms Up

Paxton's Pumpkin Photos

Yes.. i know, it looks as if he is ONE with the way we carved it but really, it represents his 1st halloween! Isnt he so cute :)


We're gangsta's....

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cornbelly's Pumpkin Patch

On friday October 29th, we decided to go up to Thanksgiving Point in Lehi to go to the Cornbellys Pumpkin Patch. We had a lot of fun. We all went through a corn maze, took cool pictures, watched people ride the bull & walked around! We had coupons so we got in for a good deal. We're excited to go back next year because by then Paxton will have a lot more fun walking around & such! Enjoy the pics...
Family pic with the gorgeous sky
LOVE this picture of us
Cool pumpkin tower
Me and my little guy
Us on the bridge in the maze
Me and Pax playing with the pumpkins
Paxton's first time at the pumpkin patch
He chilled like this the whole maze
HAHAHA.. couldnt resist putting his face in there
Walking through the corn maze
My two handsome men
Me and Pax on the bridge posing

My boys at sunset.. SUCH pretty skies
Marc and Pax in the carriage
Thank you cornbellys for a fun night

Thursday, October 28, 2010

LA County Fair Photos

Working the fair, i got to know the picture taker people. They would always come around us and take pictures. At good times and not so good times haha. These are only some of them cause i either lost the cards to look them up online or they were TOO ugly.
Paxton and his first official fair picture
He was looking away. there were like 5 more of us.
Me and Sam
Me and my two feeders
A close up of me and Sam

My "BOO" Blocks

So i have a love/hate relationship with Etsy. I got inspired there to make some "BOO" blocks. It was SO easy and i cant wait to make "JOY" ones for christmas! All in all this probably cost me 5 bucks! Heck of a steal! Its not finished yet. Im going to distress the wood & paper in the corners and add some ribbon on the top. Ill post a picture when i come around to doing it.

Winter Shopping Deals.

As most of you know, i love using coupons. I mean who wouldnt? Yes, you have to spend like 10 minutes getting them but isnt that worth saving 495875485 dollars??! Ok maybe not that much, but you get the point. Well anywho, Paxton needs some warm winter clothes since we're here in Utah and it already had its first snow of the winter... I thought it was still fall. Maybe im wrong. Oh well. We decided to go to Old Navy and im SO glad we did. The clearance was an EXTRA 50% off. Unfortunately they didnt have much stuff in his size BUT there was a ton in size 4t & i got him a nice sweater in a 3t. Everything cost 3 bucks or less. i repeat 3 bucks or less! It was great. I wish Orem stores werent so picked over at EVERY store. Darn it. But ya, needless to say we had a very pleasant shopping day!! Then we came home and had some fun with my camera.
Paxton and his new wardrobe
Playing with my little guy
My baby boy and i :)
Isnt he so scrumptious?!
He started cracking up!
Tender moment with the fajjah
He was talking up a storm!
Then he went to being pissed

I was about to fall over but he looks cute!
He's FIVE months old. So crazy
His cute tennis shoes.