Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Surprise Shipment

My grandma Alice surprised us with a box of goodies!! Tons of clothes for Paxton & Brighton earrings for me!! She also finished the quilt she was working on for him! I LOVE IT! Its black, white & yellow & was made to match the stroller i was going to get him. But i told you all about that mess. So now we have a cute quilt for him for whenever & not just for his stroller!

Thank You So Much Granny Goo.

Update On Me & Pax

Monday we had another doctors appointment. My mom was able to be there for that which was nice. She asked a couple questions, i wouldnt have thought of! Well, my blood pressure was 169/103 & about 25 minutes later, after i was hooked up to the monitors & reclining in a nice chair, dropped to 138/85. I was officially put down on bed rest :( No doing anything! Marc ratted me out to the doctor. This last weekend we moved into our new house. I didnt do anything vigorous. i just packed up the boxes & unpacked the boxes. But he snitched on me haha. So thats why she officially put me down. What sucks is i HATE sitting around doing nothing. Especially when i feel like theres so much to do lately. Anyways, im glad i had my mom here to help with everything. Couldnt have done it without her at all! And thanks to everyone else who helped us move.

Ok back to the medical stuff. She measured me and i was 38 cm, and i was 35 weeks & 6 days. We discussed how with mild pre eclampsia they wait till your at least 37 weeks & then she'll induce. So we'll talk about that next appointment. She scheduled me to do an ultrasound the next day to check the amniotic fluid, see how big he is, make sure i wasnt further along & to make sure everything was ok. My mom & sister stayed an extra day to be there for that! So Tuesday we went back. i was exactly 36 weeks & every test he did showed the same. Normal range for amniotic fluid is anywhere from 8-24. i had 21. The tech tried his best to show us everything, but man, the baby is SO squished in there! So weird to think. He definitely has my nose already! We even saw his butt cheeks! I just wanted to pinch them! The tech did a great job. Even gave us pictures & some in 4d (which on an AFV ultrasound you shouldnt do because its not a typical ultrasound appt) He will give the results to my doctor & i go in on Thursday for another appointmen. She'll see how dilated & effaced i am & do the normal checkup. On Monday, she also wanted us to start monitoring my bp at home & charting it. We got one & ive been keeping track. So we'll give her that information & we'll go from there. Ill keep ya'll posted!!

Kiss My Belly!

Before my mom & Sammi headed back to Cali, my mom wanted to take some pics. So we did. Sammi gave us the idea of kissing my belly. So in turn, EVERYONE had to kiss my belly! We were all cracking up!
Sammi kissing her nephew!!
Granny kissing her grandson!!
Dad kissing his son!!
Mother (attempting) to kiss son!!
Granny, Me & little Paxton!
My mom had Marc put his hands on his hip. So funny looking!

Utah Baby Shower

So my Aunt Dorene, wanted to throw a baby shower for me here in Utah. I was against it only because, i had one already & i dont know many people here. Not to mention, im not such an attention seeker like i used to be in my prime!! But she won the fight & we had it anyways. It was Saturday, May 15. Her & my friend Julie planned it together. It was so nice. Almost everyone came which made it even better!! We ate, played a game with yarn on how big you think i am, then you had to wrap it around me & whoever was closest won! Prizes were in-n-out gift cards! YUM! Well, my friend Rachel won the belly contest. And my friend Hannah won the diaper contest! It was short, simple, & so fun! Thanks to everyone that came & for the gifts!! We dont have many pictures cause my moms camera died. BOO!
My moms yarn was too big so she wrapped it under my big butt AND my belly!! haha
Another giraffe for his room!
He got a SKUNK costume!! its SOO cute!!
A diaper cake from my friend Hannah!!
More measuring!
Haley, Me, & Erica... Love these girls So much
Some of the girls
More of the girls
The rest of the girls

Dumont Dune Trip!

So again, another late post! During my visit to cali, we also did a dune trip! It was a blast. Sucked not being able to ride :( but ill be back soon on a quad soon enough. My best friend chels and i rode her t-rex (kinda like a rhino) we only went like 13 mph or so, dont worry!! So that occupied some time! We also layed out in the sun! It was nice to be away. Weather was perfect & being with my family & friends made it even more perfect! Missed my hubby though.
My mom, Amanda, Miley & i
Miley & Amanda ready to ride
Miley playing in the sand
Chels & i made pull aparts!
Miley going to the bathroom on the big girl potty!!

Easter In California

Yes, this blog is out of order! ive been waiting for some pictures & with my mom visiting this last week, i finally got them! SO easter was a blast. Miley & Amanda were still in California & i was still there! We spent a lot of family time together since my brother was leaving soon after! I didnt know when i decided to stay in Cali that i would miss easter with Marc. It was kinda sad. We havent had ONE easter together yet!! The year before, i was in Cali also! Poor fella! Heres some pictures from that day!

My super cool egg!!

Miley coloring her eggs!
Us kids
Miley was SO excited haha
Pure concentration
Miley & i watching my egg develop
My brother!
All the eggs, mines the best! Ca-ca brown takes talent!
Sammi posing with her ears (we all got them)
My dad, Sam, & Miley
Easter morning!
Miley easter morning!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Moving... AGAIN!

Yes, we're moving again. RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET!! Our friends, the Sistrunks, bought a house & are moving out! Their place is almost the same layout & is the same from the outside, but it is ALL updated. New appliances, counters, tile, carpet, paint, crown molding. the list goes on. So we graciously decided to step in & take it & free them from the hassle of finding people to move in!! We're nice, i know!! Anyways, its bittersweet. Im so happy that they bought a house, BUT now they will be living in Springville :( We both lived at Parkside together, then they moved over here, then we moved after them to be close to them but now, we just cant follow them :( Sucks. But im SOO happy for them & their new house!


Our good friends, Rachel & Taylor Pedersen will be moving into our old house, so we'll have them right across the street so we're happy about that! Ill post pictures of the new place later. We will be moving out on Monday, the 17th!!

Unexpected Hospital Stay

Well, i went in yesterday for a regular ob check up, or so i thought. Im MORE then happy to say that i only gained ONE pound in TWO weeks, thanks to my low carb & low sugar diet! I was sooo stressed out about this all week! I measured 37 cm, still ahead & was 1 1/2 cm dilated & 60% effaced. Then i get my blood pressure taken. 156/98. Bad, so we did it again. 135/92, bad. 142/95, bad. So we waited 5 more minutes. 128/89, not horrible, but not good. Apparently my BP has been high for the last few visits. She looked at my urine & there was extra protein in my pee. She also knew there was a few times where i had the WORST headaches ever. Tylenol wouldnt even help me, so after putting all this info together, my doctor then explained to Marc & i what pre-eclampsia was. I was a mess. She said im gonna be admitted to the hospital to labor & delivery. id stay there while they monitored my BP & did bloodwork. She told us that the original due date is definitely out of the question. If my BP wouldnt go down, then theyd induce me & baby Paxton would be delivered that day or the next. I FREAKED OUT. Definitely not something i was prepared to hear. That means he'd be 5 weeks early (we didnt get to see in an ultrasound if i was further along or not) Not to mention, i have white trash regrowth on my roots!! Then she told us that if its mild, we'll try to keep him in me for at least two weeks. Which means, absolutely no working, i have to lay or sit all day, & thats about it.

So off Marc & go to the hospital. Check in. Go up to L&D. Get escorted to my room. Change into those sexy gowns. Get hooked up to every monitor. And wait. It was nice to see what the rooms looked like. Im definitely glad we chose the hospital we did. Marc went out & got us Subway. And we watched back to back episodes of Law & Order SVU while dozing in & out. The nurse had to do some bloodwork & if that came out fine then i wouldnt have to stay overnight to do this 24 hour urine collection that i needed to do. Boy, was i praying that i would be released & just have to do it at home. And thats what ended up happening! We left the hospital at about 6pm, 6 hours of being there. YUCK! And now im home collecting my own urine. SO GROSS! I take it to the lab today & then i meet with my doctor tomorrow.

I knew that the pregnancy was slowing coming to an end, i just didnt think it would be this soon & under these circumstances.

Monday, May 10, 2010

My 1st Mothers Day!!

Well, i guess being pregnant counts in the celebration of mothers day. I will admit, i dont feel like a mom yet. Yes, im pregnant but i guess, i wont feel like a mom until little Paxton is actually here. A lot of women bond with their baby when its in the womb, but me, no. Dont ask me why, of course i already love the little guy but thats different then bonding. I was relieved when i found out that i wasnt the ONLY one who felt this way. Anyways, back to my mothers day. I woke up to breakfast in bed! We had german pancakes, toast, and orange julius's! SO GOOD! Then i got some presents! Theres these decorations that ive been wanting at tai pan, so Saturday Marc took me to the mall to get them! It was great because, what i thought i wanted, i didnt get! Instead Marc and i found these other decorations that we liked... TOGETHER!! So we bought them & we both LOVE them. Instead of accenting our living room with yellow, we agreed on this green color! We got two black stands that hold these new ball decors! Then i got this cool green, stand thing. (youll see in the picture) I love spending time with him but shopping for decor for our house together, was so fun! Hes a guy & he did it for me! It was the best.
The balls are green & the stands are so perfect!
Candle holder!!

Lately, ive been complaining about how i hate getting dressed for church because i feel like i always wear the SAME thing. So he took me to get this dress at Forever 21 that ive been wanting & will work when im pregnant & when im not! I ABSOLUTELY love it. Marc thinks i have a weird taste in clothes. Ill post a pic of it later... you guys can decide haha.

Also, we were able to hear from Spencer, Marcs brother, from Nicaragua! We left priesthood & RS early so we wouldnt miss the call! He called his parents house in California, they put him on speaker phone & then called us from a cell phone & put us on speaker phone too! It was hard to understand at times, but i guess, just knowing he was there on the phone, gave us the patience to put up with the cracky noises & the cut outs haha! Hes doing great! And he bore his testimony in spanish! I didnt hear from my brother :( but i know hes doing great in Australia. Hes officially been out there for 2 weeks!

Later, we went to our aunt & uncles house for dinner. We brought my green chile chicken enchiladas for the potluck. Its so nice having them close to us. We would be lost if we didnt have ANY family by us. We also brought our sombrero pinata that we mad on cinco de mayo with our cousins Nate & Kaitlyn. It was a hit. We even put candy in it!! It was only for the moms & mom to be! It was SO funny seeing the gals hit it! Then we sat around and just visited with my aunt. She is the best.

Lets just say that my Mothers Day was amazing & im grateful for the oppurtunity i have to become a mother very soon. Im grateful that Heavenly Father trusts me, because i dont even trust myself!!! Hope everyones mothers day was awesome!

Mom & Terrie, i (WE) love you both!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Our Little Stang

Well, this last week weve been having a lot of trouble with our car. It doesnt start half the time.

So last thursday it started acting up. I went to leave for work & it wouldnt start. Wouldnt even turn over, so i got a ride from my friend to work. Marc came home later to fix it & it worked. Friday it wouldnt start once but later did so we thought it might be the battery, so we went and bought a new one. Then Saturday we go & run errands & we get stranded outside babiesRus because it wouldnt start.We had our friends come pick us up & we left the car there. We went back about 2 hours later to try it & it wouldnt work, so we ventured over to the mall & walked around for about an hour & a half then went back to try it again. It worked. So we immediately drove it to Checkers, turned it off, went inside, got the guy, went back outside, tried starting the car for him so he could run the test & what do you know, it wouldnt start. Therefore, no test.

We tried explaining to him what it was doing but he had no clue as to what it could be. So we left it there. Went back Sunday to try it, wouldnt work. Went back Monday to try it, wouldnt work. So later that day we had to have it towed to a mechanic. They ran the diagnostic test for 50 bucks & it came back with NO problems. i repeat NO problems. We were dumbfounded. Clearly there is a problem, IT WONT START!!! He got it running & sent us on our way.

TWO days later, i go to leave for work.... it doesnt start!! Boy was i heated! Again, i had to get a ride & ugh, i hate inconveniencing other people. Marc tried getting it to start when he got home from work, but it wouldnt. So we waited a day & tried it Friday morning (when i had work again) nope didnt work. So Marc drove me, pregnant & in a dress on the ZUMA to work. It was hilarious!! Marc ended up calling AAA again to tow it, this time we took it to the AAA mechanic. Not even an hour later, they call us and tell the fuel pump is bad. 750 bucks for that.

What i dont understand is how the other mechanics found NOTHING wrong with it. They made their 50 dollars off us, but lost 750 at the same time. Stupid them! Anyways, thats our car situation right now.

No car=Blogging

34 Weeks.... or so we think.

When i was 33 weeks, i went to my appointment & measured 36 cm along. Now i guess the rule of thumb for that is that the centimeters you measure, is how far along you are. Give or take 1 cm sometimes. Well if thats true then i was actually 36 weeks at the time & 37 now. Boy im crossing my fingers that im further along! Anywho, doctors usually arent concerned if its about 1 cm over or less, but 3 is kinda wishy washy. So next appointment, May 11, we will find out for sure whats going on!!

Here's a picture of me at 34 weeks.... (possibly 37!!)

I really hope i am further along then what weve thought originally. Im anxious to get him out for my own personal selfish reasons!! I want my old body back, im tired of my hips falling asleep from sleeping on my sides, bla bla bla. I know everyone says, enjoy your time while you have, but its SO hard especially being in the last trimester, im just huge, & uncomfortable all the time! Im not ready to be a mom, but im ready to play dress up!!

And for those attending my Utah baby shower, my aunt sent the invites out so look in your mailbox!! And mark your calendar early, May 15th at 11 am!!! Oh & im registered at babiesRus.