Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Update on the MOVE!

Marc has officially accepted a start date for his job! Its March 18th. We are so excited about this next chapter of our lives! The only bummer to that start date is that Marc will only get to spend 5 days with the baby, Paxton and i before he has to leave. The baby will only be 5 days old (assuming i go till March 10th). And he wont come back until March 29th. He will fly into Provo that Friday night and we (him & others) will load up the Uhaul, and we will leave Utah Saturday the 30th! Its gonna be crazy with me only being 2 weeks out from surgery. Im nervous for that drive with a newborn, a toddler and my sore body. We'll see how it goes. Gives me anxiety thinking about it!!

Since January, we have been looking at houses to buy down in the Phoenix area. It has been such a struggle. Oy vey! But we have a new realtor and he is awesome! We are actually putting our first bid on a house today and hopefully all goes well! If we can get into it by the end of the month, then Marc will drive the Uhaul and i will drive the packed car to Arizona and start settling in. If we dont get it, or another house by then, then we will drive the Uhaul and the car to Cali, and store our stuff at Marc's dads hanger, i will stay with my parents for a bit, Marc will go back to AZ and we will continue to look for a house. It sucks just thinking about being away from Marc but ya gotta do what ya gotta do unfortunately. Boo hoo. And we do NOT want to rent. So ya, thats the general plan on the move. Hopefully this house will go through. We are confident with our realtor and so glad we have him!! (Thanks Lauren for the referral!!)

If anyone needs a realtor in the Phoenix, AZ area then Bryce Henderson is your guy!!
Click HERE to visit his website!!

35 Week Appt

Yesterday i had my 35 week appt. I went straight in to do an NST rather then getting my routine check-up. We couldnt get a base heart rate for the baby so i ended up being on the NST for over an hour. His heart rate would go up and down from the 125's to the 180's. Crazy. After that, we talked about my symptoms and checked my BP which was awesome at 125/85! It hasnt been that low my whole pregnancy!! I did gain 5 lbs in less then a week :( And it is from swelling. Nothing much we can do because i eat really healthy. Im so upset about it though. UGH! Because of the baby's fluctuating heart rate and my weight gain, my dr wants another ultrasound on Friday to check my fluids again. She wants to see if my amniotic fluid is lower which might be causing babys heart rate to never have a resting point or if my weight gain is fluid which having too much fluid can be harmful for the baby, again might be causing baby's heart rate to never have a resting point. So we will know more on Friday. We will again check baby's weight too. We arent doing another urine collection!!! YAY! So that was great news! But ya, thats how the appt went.

D-Day in 11 days!!
Hopefully all goes well on Friday! 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

In 2 Weeks.....

the Boys will get to wear these shirts!!!!
I have been searching and searching for matching shirts like this for awhile. In fact, ever since i found out we were having another boy. I either couldnt get them in the sizes i needed or they didnt match, or they were ugly. So i was just going to make my own with Adobe, like ive done before but low and behold, i found these..... TOGETHER! And i had a coupon and another coupon that was free cash! So i took a cheat day, went to the store, bought them and came back home to my dungeon. i paid like 5 bucks for both! Heck of a steal! I cant wait to see the boys in them!!!!

Update And Ultrasound Pics

Friday i had my NST & AFI ultrasound and everything went great! My AFI fluid is a 12. Two weeks ago it was 14. The baby weighs about 5lbs 9 oz. Every ultrasound, hes had his hand by his face! Oh and he is healthy! I cant express how grateful i am to have another healthy baby boy! During my NST, baby had a couple small accelerations which is fine and i had a couple small contractions. But again, everything looked great. We went over the results from my urine collection and my protein was LOW! It was a 59! Severe is 300+. So being on bed rest and being somewhat stress free has REALLY helped in that aspect. I still have preeclamptic symptoms but we are just going to continue to monitor it. I have weekly appts on Tuesday and Friday until baby is delivered.

We talked about delivery and it will be Sunday, March 10th at 6am. They will prep me and baby will a little after 7:30am!! SO crazy to think about. I also get to deliver in Payson, where i delivered Paxton!!! I am thrilled about that! She was going to have me deliver in Provo because of the NICU but if i make it to 37 weeks then theres not reason to deliver in Provo! YAY! Ive been nervous as the time gets nearer to having him BECAUSE of the delivery. i had an awful experience last time. You can read about it HERE! To sum it up, I am terrified to get another Hematoma in my spine from the epidural because it set off a nerve on my right side next to my incision. THAT pain was worse then any labor contractions i had. So we talked to my dr about it and she said the odds of that happening again would be like winning the lottery, twice. SO, that put me at ease A LOT!

Exactly two more weeks till i have him!! (if everything continues to go well)

Friday, February 22, 2013

Missing My Pax Pt: 2

My mom has been so good at sending me tons of pictures of Pax, on top of facetiming him as much as possible. So naturally, i collage them together and post them! I just miss him! Anywho, he has had a blast. Him and Chubbs play catch and play in general almost every day. He goes to his friends houses when my mom works a few hours a day. He goes to the park a few times a week with my mom and has even had play dates at the park. Again, im so happy that he has been able to have so much fun these last few weeks. Heres a few of him enjoying life!
Facetiming Pax at bath time!!
Pax and Sawyer took their grannies to the park to feed the ducks!
Pax wrote Mickey Mouse and Miley wrote Rapunzel and they sent the kids a signed 5x7 picture! Pax takes it everywhere! Its on the table when he eats breakfast, its in his bed at bedtime and nap time. And he will bring it in the car when they go to run errands! Cracks me up!

He still will not poop in the potty... Any mommas have advice for that?! He wears undies all day except at nap time, cause he usually poops after his nap. And my mom has washed his undies numerous times cause hes pooped in them. HELP! But ya, he is still working on that. He also says "ohhhhh.......myyyyy......gooooodness" whenever he seems it fit to say. We facetimed one morning and asked to "see my belly with baby brother in it"... So i showed him my bare belly and he said "ohhhhh.......myyyyy......gooooodness" Ive never heard that before and man, i about died laughing. Its so cute! I cant wait to snuggle him when he gets back to Utah!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

34 Week Appt

Well, last Friday, i had a follow up appt with a different dr because mine was out of town. Marc wasnt able to come because of a flight. Darn it. I had to do blood work because on Thursday my right eye was completely blurry and i couldnt see out of it for over 3 hours. I get blurry eyes a lot lately but it never lasted that long. I also had an NST to check my contractions since they were 5-7 minutes apart on Tuesday. He didnt go over the results with me but he documented everything and gave all the info to my dr.

My appt with my dr was yesterday (Feb 20). Marc came with me to this appt. Woo hoo! My symptoms seem to be progressing. i gained 5 lbs in 1 week, which is another symptom of pre-e. My BP was 139/88. I am measuring 35 1/2 cm. Baby is still head down. When i was hooked up to the NST, i had no contractions! And the baby DID NOT want to be monitored. He was flipping and moving and man, i thought he was gonna come popping out my left side. It hurt so bad! His heart rate for 4 minutes was in the 190's. Crazy! Everything was good. Then we went over my symptoms. My headaches are getting worse. My eyes are getting blurry more frequently. And im nauseous a lot lately. Not to mention, im starting to swell :( (hence, the 5 lbs) Bottom line, im just crummy! BUT, we decided that we are going to try to keep to our 2nd goal of keeping this baby in till i reach 37 weeks. If we can... 


While talking to my dr, she set an ending goal for me. She said i can deliver on March 9th or 10th. I will be a couple days over 37 weeks. We picked March 10th because its Marc's birthday and its Marc's dad, Wayne's, birthday! So itd be cool to have a 3 generation Harrison boy birthday. Fun huh! SO, we are aiming for that!

I had to go to the hospital to get my wonderful orange pee jug for my THIRD 24 hour urine collection. I started that at 2pm yesterday and ended it today. Im SO over doing that. 

i see my dr again on Friday to go over the urine results, to do an NST, and to do another AFI ultrasound. We are checking the fluid and the baby's weight. If my protein comes back high then she might take the baby a lot sooner. But it also depends on baby's weight and fluid. So we will see. But we do know that my preeclampsia is progressing :( Dang it.

I had my 1st breakdown since being put on bed rest.....

Now, why did i have a break down? Im not too sure why. There are a few things that keep playing in my head. Mainly, i am just SO tired of being on bed rest. I sit at home all day long alone because Marc works. And yes, i know i can have people over and sometimes i do, but im not much of a hostess. And that KILLS me. And to be honest, i dont feel like entertaining. So i guess being alone is on me. But Im just emotionally and mentally tired of it. I feel like im going crazy. And yes, the hubs lets me have a cheat day sometimes. But still, being on bed rest for 5 weeks is THE hardest and most frustrating thing ive had to deal with. And the thought of going 2 more weeks makes me just shudder. But i know itll be good for the baby. And i want that. But ahhhh, its frustrating. Im miserable.... And then i think its because i have to wait 2 more weeks to see Pax. I MISS HIM. My life is not the same without him. And missing him doesnt help. I give myself credit for holding it together for 5 weeks. Yesterday, it just all came crashing down on me and i just couldnt stop the water flow.

This baby will be here within 17 days. 

Until Friday....

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day

I am so lucky to have spent 5 valentines day(s) with my handsome lover! The last 2 years, Pax and i would make Marc some cute presents and treats but this year, with Pax being in California and me being on bed rest, im sad to say that i didnt make or bake anything :( This year, we agreed not to do anything for the day because of everything going on and my condition. Not to mention, we are trying to save as much money as we can since we are buying a house in AZ. But, i had to do a little something. I had my friend Brian go pick up a heart shaped pizza, a s'more dessert and some bubbly! Then we could have a nice, quiet evening watching a movie together. Marc worked from 8am-8pm and when he got home, he surprised me with flowers and a CARD!!! And he actually wrote in it!!! FINALLY! It was the best! Im so thankful that even though we agree not to do anything, we still make sure to let each other know we are thinking of each other. How could you not on LOVE day. Anywho, earlier my friend Brian brought me some Panda Express. So i ate really good that day :) It was a nice day. I sure did miss my little mini valentine. So we facetimed twice that day. I cant wait for next years Valentine's Day where i will get to be surrounded by all three of my boys!! 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

33 Week Appt

Today i had my 33 week appointment. i was seen on Friday, but we didnt consider that my appt. This was the first appointment that Marc wasnt able to come to :( So here is what we know.
- BP is still consistently high
- i gained back 2 lbs
- i am measuring at 35 weeks
- Baby is still head down (i thought he turned again but was wrong!)
- Put on the NST. Baby is still having great accelerations. His base heart rate has lowered a bit to the 130's instead of in the 150's
- i am having contractions about 5-7 minutes apart but nothing big. I told her i dont feel them as much as i do when im on the NST. Still Braxton hicks but she is having me do another NST on Friday to see if they are still that close. And then next appointment (Wednesday the 20th) she will check my cervix to make sure im not dilating because if i am, then im going into preterm labor on my own.
- Next week i will do another 24 hour urine collection and get all that blood work done again

AND the most exciting thing i learned at this appointment is that she will schedule my delivery at 37 weeks if i make it to then. She said our 1st goal is to make it to 35 weeks and then our 2nd goal is to make it to 37 weeks. Of course, that depends on if my preeclampsia gets severe fast. Right now, its mild but still there. Now because i was diagnosed with pre-e my first pregnancy at 34 weeks, she is a little nervous with me approaching 34 weeks because i can get worse fast... just like i did with Pax. So thats why i will be doing more blood work and the urine collection next week and then after next week, we will do it once a week. I asked her if i were to stay the same, consistent, if she would still schedule the delivery and she said yes, because my BP still shouldnt be that high. And she knows im miserable being on bed rest and without Pax. And Maddox is healthy. Pax was born at 36 weeks and completely healthy so im not worried about this baby being born at 37 weeks.

SO, this baby will be here before or during the first week of March! Its crazy that we finally have light at the end of the tunnel and SOME sort of time frame so we can plan our move and all that jazz. Marc is for sure taking the March 17th job opening. So the baby will be about 2 weeks old (if not older) when we move. Kinda nervous about that. Especially with me and my recovery. Fingers crossed all goes well with that. But ya, so now we wait still. Wait to see if it gets worse or wait till 37 weeks to have baby Maddox.

Until Friday......

Sunday, February 10, 2013

33 Weeks and Some Extras!

Today, i decided to go to church. I havent been since being put down (bed rest) and we had some ok news at my appt on Friday. The protein in my urine has gone down!! I will still do more urine checks. My BP is getting consistently higher, darn it. Now its in 145+ range. So we will continue to monitor that. My blood work all came back good! But again, we will check every week to make sure it doesnt get bad. Being on bed rest really seems to be slowing down my preeclampsia. We also did an ultrasound, and the baby is now 5 lbs. He has HAIR!!! Lots of it too! And he isnt breach anymore! His head is officially down (of course it can change) and he is 2 inches away from my cervix. The tech, a guy named Todd, did a complete check up on every single organ in his little body and brain and Maddox is completely healthy and doing great!! My AFI fluid was a 14 which is great! He is also measuring a week ahead now instead of 2 weeks. But we arent taking that into consideration at all. Here's a few more pictures of baby Maddox!! We have SO many of this little boy!
Nose and his tongue peaking through his lips!

So since we had some ok news, i figured, why not go to church?! As soon as we sat down, i got so overwhelmed with all the people around me.... I started getting claustrophobic, i was smelling all sorts of different smells, and it was like a million degrees in the chapel therefore it resulted in me getting super anxious and panicking. I laid on Marc's shoulder and drank almost my whole bottle of water. i said a little prayer that i would calm down and i slowly started too. I had Marc keep on eye out for a seat in the back or out in the foyer but there never was one, darn it. But anywho, i made it through. And Marc got released from his calling! We were totally in shock when the stake counselor said his name because nobody told him he was being released! It was pretty funny! How is it that he got released but i still have my calling!?! haha. (i love my calling by the way) After sacrament, i was able to visit with a bunch of the girls in my ward and man, have i missed them!! Then after introducing ourselves at the new member meeting because of our callings, we left. The hubs dropped me off at home and he went back to finish his meetings and to train the new guy. My BP when i got home was 155/79.... so I'm not too sure ill make it to sacrament next week. I was drained.

Anyways, since i got dressed for once, i decided to take a belly bump picture... Here i am at 33 week and 3 days. i cant believe in less then TWO weeks, i could be having this baby... Hopefully we can push it past 35 weeks but we will see. 

And here is my 33 Week Picture

I have an appt on Tuesday so stay tuned for that!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Quick Update: 32 Week Appt

Today i met with my dr again. Lost another 4 pounds. BP was 145/87. My dr talked to us about whats going to happen the rest of the week and for the weeks to come. Here's a play by play.
-Got blood work done for HELLP syndrome
-NEW: She ordered blood work test for my Thyroid. She thinks im having issues with it
-Did an NST again. Baby had good accelerations. I was also having some braxton hicks contractions while on the monitor! Never had them with Pax.
-Got my beautiful, orange, 24 hour Urine Collection Jug which i start tomorrow morning. From 10am Wednesday till 10am Thursday and then i take it to Utah Valley Hospital so that we can have the results at my appt
-Next appt is Friday. We will go over blood work results and urine results. And we have a scheduled AFI ultrasound to check baby's fluid, my placenta, and baby's weight.

That is pretty much going to be how the next few weeks are going to go. Depending on the results of course. If i get worse, she is scheduling the delivery. And if im staying the same, we will try and keep baby in as long as we can.

During my NST, my dr came in and checked the film on the machine and said that the baby is absolutely fantastic. He had a 2 1/2 minute acceleration! His base line heart rate is in the 150's. His acceleration was in the 180's for that whole 2 1/2 minutes! So glad hes doing great in there. My awesome dr, stayed in there with me for about 10 minutes and just had a heart to heart with me. It was sweet. She told me that she can see that im stressed and that being stressed isnt helping the situation but also addressed that given the circumstances, how could i not be stressed. She gave me a little pep talk and told me that i need to just let everything go. And to think of everything i have control over right now and to let go what i dont have control over. She said that my main focus should be making sure this baby stays in as long as we can and stressed how important bed rest is and how it can really give us a few more weeks. She is proud that ive listened to her this pregnancy and that weve been able to push off the preeclampsia getting worse quickly. Its been 2 weeks since i was put on bed rest because of preeclampsia. Whats crazy is that with Pax, i was diagnosed with it and 2 weeks later i had to have him. We've passed that bump. Granted, i was further along with Pax then with this baby. But still. Im hopeful that we will make it till im 35 weeks. It made me feel better when she said that even if he comes next week that he will  be just fine. And that i have no control over when hes coming so i need to just let it go and go with the flow. She said that we are a team and together we will keep him in as long as we can. She also talked about Pax and how he is getting so much love with my family and that i need to be happy about that and not stress over him being gone. Its nice to be reminded of that. I appreciated her little pep talk and im SO glad i have her as my dr. Shes fab!

Here is my 32 Week Picture

Anywho, enough rambling... ill let ya know how friday goes. Until then!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Going Private!

So, I've been on the fence for awhile about making my blog private and i officially decided that i am. The hubs agreed to it and actually suggested it in the first place so alas, we are going private! If you want to continue to read it, send me your email address so that i can allow you to view it! 

You can either text it to me, email me, leave a comment, facebook me..... whichever! 

Missing My Pax..

Our little boy is having so much fun in California with my parents and sister. It makes me homesick and sad that i cant be there to have fun with him. Pax went back to Cali with my mom on January 21st. I know that i've mentioned this in a different blog post. But i thought id touch base on it. He was only supposed to be with her for 9 days while we packed our Utah house and moved. The plan was for me to join him in California and to have this baby there.... But things changed drastically at my dr's appointment the next day. So here we are 2 weeks later and i'm missing him more then anything. Him going to Cali was actually such a blessing and still is.. its just so hard being away from him. This is my second time being away from him since he was born. The first time was when we went on an 8 day cruise for our 3 year anniversary. Im not a fan AT all on leaving him or him having sleep overs. I like him with me. I like to be with him. He's my baby. So this whole 14+ days is killing me. It comforts me knowing that he is having a blast in Cali though. I mean its bittersweet cause i wish i was there to enjoy it with him... But i cant be. And its not realistic for him to be here. Or for me to have my mom bring him here and wait with us till we have this baby... she has work and a life too. He would totally be neglected here with me :( And lets face it, he deserves to be happy. Im fine sulking, and being alone all day but Pax... no way. His happiness is more important to me then my own. He gets to go to the park everyday, to play with his cousin everyday, to go to the sand dunes (which he LOVES) and to just be loved on all day. Like i said, he deserves to be happy. There is no way i could fulfill that for him right now. So i'm so grateful for my family and friends in Cali who have taken time from their lives to make sure he is happy. It means the world to me. With me being on bed rest, his life would not be as fun as these pictures i get daily. We FaceTime once a day (except for when he was at the dunes) Im SOOOO happy to have FaceTime! Seriously, i would die without it. Look at how much fun he is having.
Play date at the kid area in the mall
Pax and his new helmet
Facetiming for breakfast
Pax at the sand dunes
He LOVES the dunes
Play date at the park
And my mom and sister just started potty training him. Hopefully this time works. i'm kind of sad that i cant do it, but ill have Maddox and the rest of our kids to potty train... maybe haha. The first time with potty training Pax was AWFUL!!! But he's ready now and i'm grateful that i have family to step up to the plate and do it for me. THANKS MOM AND SISTER!

A selfish part of me wishes that this baby would come sooner, so that i could have Paxton come home. Im counting down to 35 weeks so that my dr will just schedule the delivery.... (and she might not. It could be longer or less. Just depends on my condition) But still, i've been secretly hoping it would just happen already. And when i mentioned this to the hubs, i think he got a little upset with me. Why would i wish for our baby to be born so early?? Especially when Pax is clearly fine in California. Its selfish i know, but come on. I just miss him!! And im sure, any mother would agree. When i explained myself, he understood. He misses Pax just as much as me... i think.. just kidding. haha. But really, Our home has had a completely different feel to it the last 14 days. NOTHING makes a home more "homey" then having children in it. 

The Promise Walk For Preeclampsia

My doctor told me to check out a webpage called for a bunch of newer information and to look at the possibilities of donating and volunteering. So i did. For anyone who has more questions about preeclampsia, go HERE!!

While i was browsing, i noticed that they have a walk called The Promise Walk For Preeclampsia. It raises awareness to people! An awareness, a LOT of people have no clue about! I am working on putting together a team to do the walk! Its in Orange County, Saturday May 18th, its $20.00 an adult and $10.00 for children. i am SO excited! If any of you Californians want to join, let me know! The more the merrier! And for my friends everywhere else, you have the opportunity to donate to this cause!

Ill keep you posted on when i sign up for a team and you can either sign up under my team or walk as an individual. Either way, you will be helping to raise money for this cause. And it will definitely be appreciated! Especially since this cause is SO important to me.

For more information on the walk, go HERE.

Dont forget to let me know if you are interested!!