Sunday, February 24, 2013

Update And Ultrasound Pics

Friday i had my NST & AFI ultrasound and everything went great! My AFI fluid is a 12. Two weeks ago it was 14. The baby weighs about 5lbs 9 oz. Every ultrasound, hes had his hand by his face! Oh and he is healthy! I cant express how grateful i am to have another healthy baby boy! During my NST, baby had a couple small accelerations which is fine and i had a couple small contractions. But again, everything looked great. We went over the results from my urine collection and my protein was LOW! It was a 59! Severe is 300+. So being on bed rest and being somewhat stress free has REALLY helped in that aspect. I still have preeclamptic symptoms but we are just going to continue to monitor it. I have weekly appts on Tuesday and Friday until baby is delivered.

We talked about delivery and it will be Sunday, March 10th at 6am. They will prep me and baby will a little after 7:30am!! SO crazy to think about. I also get to deliver in Payson, where i delivered Paxton!!! I am thrilled about that! She was going to have me deliver in Provo because of the NICU but if i make it to 37 weeks then theres not reason to deliver in Provo! YAY! Ive been nervous as the time gets nearer to having him BECAUSE of the delivery. i had an awful experience last time. You can read about it HERE! To sum it up, I am terrified to get another Hematoma in my spine from the epidural because it set off a nerve on my right side next to my incision. THAT pain was worse then any labor contractions i had. So we talked to my dr about it and she said the odds of that happening again would be like winning the lottery, twice. SO, that put me at ease A LOT!

Exactly two more weeks till i have him!! (if everything continues to go well)

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  1. I'm so glad it was good news for you, Heather! I have been praying for you and that all things go well for you and baby in spite of all the struggles you are currently having.