Monday, July 26, 2010

Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Dream Came True... On An Elephant!!!

Thats right.... i finally rode an elephant!!! It was amazing!! I cant wait till marc and i can fly to africa and go on a safari and ride them again!!!

Orange County Fair

Before we did our San Clemente trip with the Harrison's this year, we decided to go a few days early so that we could spend time with my family. My mom was managing 3 booths at the Orange County Fair so we went & spent some time down there & stayed in the bunk house one night. We had a blast. We saw Faith Hill in concert, went to Weird Al's weird museum (what did you expect) & looked at all the vendors & cool stuff they sold.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Personal Photoshoot!

So yesterday Marc & i were bored so we (i) decided to have a little photoshoot with Pax. He was such a good sport and Marc was a great prop guy! Heres a couple so far.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Field Trip To Marc's Work

For those of you that dont know, Marc now works at the Provo Airport! Pax & i were bored last Thursday & Marc was at work so we went down and visited him! It was fun! Here's some pictures!
Pax & i with the yellow plane!!
Our STUD!!!!
Marc & the yellow navy plane
The huge blue navy plane & us
Paxton in the simulator
Us in the simulator
Me & Paxton!
Marc & Paxton by a twinstar.
Paxton working dispatch

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rub-a-dub-dub, Paxton loves the tub!!

I have Paxton on a pretty good routine... finally!! Every night, we have a bath and he just loves it! But unfortunately, bath time isnt too long cause im still a little sore in my tummy and cant bend down for too long. He'd sit in there forever if i would let him!

Paxton's Faces At 7 Weeks!

He is starting to smile when you play with him and it melts my heart!!
His serious face
He had a huge smile but he kept looking at Marc and not the camera darn it!!
His cannibal face.... he chomped down on Marc's finger as Marc was tickling Paxton's face!!
His big smile

Rope Swinging In Mona....kinda

Since a bunch of our friends had Monday, July 3rd off, we decided to go to Mona & play on the rope swing. Well, when we got there, there were SO many people. Of course, they had the day off too!! Why didnt we think about that haha! So instead, we had a little bbq down there & watched people. It was still a fin trip! Paxton turned 6 weeks old that day!
My two men. Arent Paxtons faces hilarious!!?
Marc & i at Mona
Paxton's smirk!!! SO cute!
Me and my little guy! He has the funniest faces now.
Rachel, Pax & i just laying around!
Marc & Tay after swimming the channel

My Stud...Paxton

I had to throw Paxton's name on there since i now have TWO studs in my life!!One morning, Pax and i had a little photoshoot from my cell phone!!

This little guy has my heart!!
His cute little outfit!
I think he looks SO much like Marc!

Freedom Festival 2010

Sunday, the 4th we went over to our Aunt & Uncles house for a bbq & to hang out. We love spending time with them. I slacked off on camera duty that day! So theres only one picture of us.
Pax & I on 4th of July... right before he went to bed!

Just like last year, Provo city puts on a little festival downtown! Since the 4th was on a Sunday this year, we went on Saturday the 3rd to the festival. They have all kinds of booths, food, & entertainment! Not to mention its a nice little exercise! Last year we fell IN LOVE with a booth that sold these AMAZING drinks! So we couldnt wait to go back & get another one! Whelp, we couldnt figure out why ours was a diferent color & why it wasnt as good as the year before... well we think the lady gave us a sugar free one... boo haha. So now we are excited to go back next year!
Me and Paxton posing for a picture on the sidewalk
Paxton's first 4th of July!
Marc & his cotton candy
Paxton just hanging out in his stroller
Marc & Paxton
Me & Pax posing for a picture! (Paxton not so much haha)

Harrison Havasu Trip #2

We went to our second annual Havasu Harrison trip & had a blast! Unfortunately it was the same week my family has our reunion vacation so we had to cut each in half. We were in Havasu the 29th till the 2nd of July. Marc's parents have a time share down there & boy do we love it! It was a little difficult with a 5 week old baby thats for sure. And of course i didnt even have the 6 week checkup approval. So needless to say, i didnt get to do a whole bunch darn it. It was nice to just relax though. Well, relax as much as you can in 117 degree weather! Paxton did great. We would wet his receiving blankets & keep him cool. It was nice to spend time with family & to get away. We found a thriftys ice cream shop and i had CHOCOLATE MALTED CRUNCH!!!! ive been craving it so bad! My dad sends me texts whenever he has it & makes me jealous haha. So i got him back! Its stupid that utah rite aids dont carry it. LAME! So now i love havasu even MORE!!! Thanks for the awesome trip Harrison family!
The Gang wishing Spencer a Happy Birthday!
Our Second family picture wishing "You Were Here"
Marc, Pax & i
Marc & i looking at the fish
Cousin Logan giving Pax some love!
A family picture on the boat!
Marc on big bertha
Me holding Pax while we are cruising the lake.. no im not naked!!
Marc & I posing for a picture right outside our cove. I look huge.
Pax all sprawled out on the boat at the Sandbar
Marc & I on the big bertha
Me & Paxton hanging out on the boat
Grandma Terrie & Paxton!
Marc water skiing
Marc & Paxton hanging out on the boat