Monday, February 4, 2013

The Promise Walk For Preeclampsia

My doctor told me to check out a webpage called for a bunch of newer information and to look at the possibilities of donating and volunteering. So i did. For anyone who has more questions about preeclampsia, go HERE!!

While i was browsing, i noticed that they have a walk called The Promise Walk For Preeclampsia. It raises awareness to people! An awareness, a LOT of people have no clue about! I am working on putting together a team to do the walk! Its in Orange County, Saturday May 18th, its $20.00 an adult and $10.00 for children. i am SO excited! If any of you Californians want to join, let me know! The more the merrier! And for my friends everywhere else, you have the opportunity to donate to this cause!

Ill keep you posted on when i sign up for a team and you can either sign up under my team or walk as an individual. Either way, you will be helping to raise money for this cause. And it will definitely be appreciated! Especially since this cause is SO important to me.

For more information on the walk, go HERE.

Dont forget to let me know if you are interested!! 


  1. Now go have your baby!!! A healthy one!! So I can come down and see you, and your mom can bring up pax so I can see him and let him eat all the girl scout cookies!!

    1. BAHAHA! you better at least share some with me! When they wheel me out of the operating room, you better be standing in my recovery room, with Samoas in your hand and i expect you to shove one in my mouth ASAP!!