Wednesday, April 21, 2010

32 Weeks & Counting

Ive realized that i havent posted much about my pregnancy as i thought i have. So i figured id start now. Im just entering my 32nd week. I cant believe he will be here in about 8 weeks! This last week he has moving SO much!! He's not breech anymore so im excited about that. Let me tell you how much id prefer him to have the hiccups being head down then him being up in my rib cage!! Now what i dont enjoy so much are his "im gonna kill you kicks" in my ribs. It feels like a golf ball is being launched up there from a marshmellow shooter! haha. He plays with me. I push him in certain spots & he'll push back in the same spot i poked him at! SO cute! He sleeps when i sleep & is awake when im awake. THANK GOODNESS!! When we were at the sand dunes, i went for a t-rex ride with my friend chelsey (we went SLOW dont worry) anyways, he got startled when she turned it on, & moved the WHOLE time we rode, which was 13 miles an hour on a flat dirt road for about 2 minutes. He stopped moving right when we stopped so needless to say, i dont think he likes vibrations. Glad i didnt register for a vibrating chair for him! Lets see.. what else is going on. Oh i have a bottle of tums beside my bed that i take everynight. Heartburn SUCKS! As for that, not much else is new. Oh, oh. I dont have the line in my belly & i dont have ANY stretchmarks!! I lotion up about twice a day so im glad its paying off or has been so far. OH & how could i forget this, ive gained a whopping 32 pounds. YUUUUCK :( i havent gained any weight in the last 3 weeks so im excited about that! We'll see how much more i gained next week. Hopefully NO more!!

After my next appointment next Tuesday, ill start going to my doctors ONCE a week. Crunch time. Well last appointment we talked about induction. My doctor will only induce me when i come in for my 39 week checkup & if im dilated 3 cm & my cervix is thinning, then she'll do it that week, if not, she'll induce me at 41 weeks if baby Paxton hasnt come before that. So thats the latest on that. Heres some pictures of me pregnant that i havent posted on here...

My 31 week picture is a tad bit too risky!! Sorry.
30 weeks pregnant at Dumont
29 weeks pregnant at Disneyland
28 weeks pregnant at my parents in Cali... different view haha
27 weeks in our messy room


A lot of you know about my car accident back in December 2008, if you dont, well lets just say it was AWFUL. I had a cardiac contusion & had to stay in the hospital for observation. Well, i never went back to get it checked out because my "Full Coverage" car insurance, didnt cover me medically. (Apparently, its another option & fee.) Soooo, i already racked myself up a nice bill with being in the hospital for two days.
Anyways, throughout the last year & a half, its hard for me to do a lot of things that i used to without feeling like i have the lungs of a 60 year smoker. I would get winded easily, id have major chest pain. Its just been awful. Well, being pregnant & everything getting all squished inside anyways hasnt been helping the situation.
My biggest fear is that, my heart/chest problems will interfere with the delivery. So we decided to go to instacare one day when it was hurting bad, to get it checked out. They hooked me up to an EKG machine, everything was normal. They listened to my heart & my breathing patterns & everything sounded normal. Next thing was for me to get an xray.... We debated on it foooorever & decided to opt out of that because there is still a chance of radiation exposure to the baby. And it wouldve been a 50% percent chance that it wouldve showed something, or nothing & we just couldnt take that chance until i talked to my ob/gyn doctor.
I was released from work for awhile to rest & take things easy. So then my ob/gyn appointment finally came & i was anxious to get some answers. After talking about everything, weve concluded that my heart is ok for the most part but that i have costochondritis which is inflammation in my chest & joints that causes chest pain, hurts to touch; it feels like my chest cavity is just caving in & a lot of people who have costochondritis without knowing, go in to the doctors thinking they are having a heartattack! CRAZY huh. But yup, thats whats wrong with me.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Im Waiting...

So i have TONS more to blog about from my California trip but im waiting on my mom & sister to post the pictures so that i can snag them. Otherwise, my blog would be pretty boring if you just had to read what happened... RIGHT? Kinda like this blog right here. Hmmm. So ill post what i have & who cares about the order!

When i got back from California, i came home to this!! i LOVE these candies & i love roses! Marc is SO cute!

The Glider!

For my baby shower in California, the Harrison girls all got me a glider chair that i wanted! Its a beauty & is gonna be amazing when i have the baby. I already know it! Here it is!!

This is it at home after Marc assembled it! It looks a lot more white in this picture but its not! Deceiving, i know!

My Travel System!

Ok, more like Paxton's but still.....
Well, the other day i was looking at my registry & noticed that the stroller i registered for was NOT AVAILABLE. I thought it was just online, so later Marc & i went to BabiesR'Us to make sure... Sure enough, after wandering up & down the aisles, it was nowere to be found. I asked an associate & she told me they're NOT AVAILABLE anymore. Talk about a stab in the heart. OUCH! i was soooo sad. It was a black and white damask print with yellow accenting on it. My granny made a quilt to match it even. Whelp, after 30 minutes of being pissed & after i made a few frantic calls, we decided to go home & check online for it. Somewhere else had to have it, right? WRONG. big fat WRONG! Its like it never existed :( The only thing i can find on it are reviews. So later, i found this other one. I fell in love. Not 100% in love since i was in love with a different one, but close enough. It has a simple but modern print, part of it is microfiber, & you can adjust it like 10 ways! So I figured, we have to get this ASAP before this one goes too, so we did! i ordered it online on Tuesday & we received it Friday! Talk about fast. Thank you BabiesR'Us.
Here it is after i assembled it yesterday!

Saying Goodbye To Elder Stuart...

So Sunday April 4th, my brother was ordained as an elder! It was so nice to have our families together for that special setting apart event! Here's some pictures from that!

Afterwards, we had a family night & played wii & ate brownies in between Brenden packing. It was a nice night together as a family... Minus Sis.

Hahaha, hes gonna kill me in 2 years for posting this!
My dad, Jesus, & Bren after he was set apart

The next morning we went to the Ontario Airport & he left!!
My & my bruddah
My family minus Cassidy
My dad & brother
Amanda & i posing haha
Brenden getting his suitcases out!
Granny Betty, Erin, Bren & Abby
Brenden with his sisters minus sis, and niece, Miley
Mileys new word is UNCLE & she says it clear as day. He loves her now haha
His last wave to us

Monday, April 12, 2010

Downtown Disney!

One day, we all decided to take a trip to downtown disney. (It was my idea, brilliant, i know) So my mom, sisters, niece, brother & i all loaded into the car & drove down there. We walked around the shops, made some build-a-bears for the younger girls, took fun pictures & shopped! My mom bought baby Paxton a HUGE plush giraffe that turns into a pillow (ill take a picture & post it later) it is SO cute! It was a fun little trip & nice to spend time with my brother since the days before he left for the mtc were slowing moving into single digit numbers.

Me 29 weeks pregnant
The gang
Yay for celebrations
Self-timer+a trash can=this
Sammi & i goofin off
Us kids & Miley walking into downtown disney
Miley with her first build-a-bear, easter bunny
I spotted some boomerangs & we took a picture by them haha
Amanda & Miley outside the build-a-bear shop
I made a suggestion that we should go to MJ's Neverland earlier that week, that didnt happen, this did
"A" for Amanda
Us kids leaving the park. I have a big butt, i know. My excuse, IM PREGNANT! haha

Hanging Out Around The House

The best part about being with family, is just hanging out & doing nothing. Sometimes id rather do that then be out and about all the time! Heres some random pictures of us lounging around.

When you ask Miley "where's tete's baby?" she holds the wrong area!! haha
Miley & i
Chels, Amanda & i after playing some Skipbo
Miley & i playing with eachothers feet! haha. Crotch shot i know!
Us having a tickle fest!
When you ask Miley, "What does a pig say?"
Gidget LOVED laying on my belly. She moved right before we took this picture darn it.
Granny & Miley carrying in groceries!
Miley eating at the table!

Miyagis=Best Sushi EVER!

I stayed in California while Marc headed back home to school. Since he left, & since he isnt a huge fan of sushi, my granny took us out to eat at my favorite sushi place. Miyagis! IT WAS AMAZING, as usual! Yes, im pregnant, but i get my rolls cooked so no harm!! Afterwards, we all went to Joanns & picked out the fabric that my granny goo would use to make Paxton's quilt!! After that, we went shopping! It was a fun girls day!


Miley saying cheese!

Brenden's Farewell Fiesta

So Sunday, March 21, we all headed down to the church to hear Brenden's farewell talk.
Here's pictures of us girls & Marc before we went!!

i was SHOCKED at how comfortable he was in front of people! He did a great job! Then it was back to my parents house for our mexican fiesta. In case you havent noticed, my family & i love mexican food! There's a real good mexican bakery & they have the best take out food for parties & stuff. My dad grilled the carne asada & lemon chicken & boy was it a hit! Tons of family & friends came over. It was nice to have everyone there supporting brendy boo.

Afterwards, we all took family pictures! It was a hoot! We were planning on taking them Saturday, the 20th but it was too busy & Miley got an allergic reaction to something. She's a little puffy & red in the pictures but still as adorable as ever!