Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Niece Is Just Adorable

I hate living so far away from her :( Good thing we have picture mail or i wouldnt survive. Here's the latest pictures of Miss Miley Paige!!

Miley bundled up in her car seat.
Miley playing on their new couch!
Miley saying CHEESE in her car seat :)

Brenden Got His Mission Call!!!

So on Thanksgiving, i got a call and found out that my brother got his mission call... FINALLY!! Seems like we were waiting forever! Brenden was in northern Utah visiting his grandma for thanksgiving and my parents were back in California. My dad told Brenden his mission call came in and Brenden wanted him to open it right away and not wait to go home and read it in person, himself. So on Thanksgiving Day, my family got together at my aunt and uncles house in Wrightwood and Brendens grandmas family got situated in northern Utah and they talked via speaker phone. My dad opened the letter and read it to him!! It was SO neat! He got called to the Sydney Australia Mission!!! How fun right!! I am ONE PROUD SISTER!!

My parents and little sister posing with the envelope!
The family in Wrightwood California!
The family in Utah!!
The Letter!

He reports to the MTC on April 7, 2010!!


So Yes, this is a little late but i thought i'd blog about it anyways! Im officially a graduate! I finished my dental assisting school and passed!! It was so hard trying to focus and get enough sleep to pass this class being pregnant and in the first trimester. IT SUCKED. I only missed one day of class because i was up all night sick. Pretty good considering my rebellious days at high school, ditching all the time : / haha... Im thankful to have had an understanding teacher. Tara, you rocked! And a class full of supportive girls who talked to me about the pregnancy and helped me through the rough days of being sick at school. You all are awesome. Anyways. i graduated November 21. 2009!! Got a cute little pin, my certificate, and came out on top with some great friends. Not to mention, some education under my belt.

The Big Move

So last Tuesday, the 1st of December, we were able to move into our new place. Its a 2 story duplex and SO cute! We absolutely love it. Its about triple the space at our first condo and is only 30 dollars more a month!! Heck of a steal!! Oh and it has an extra bedroom for the baby! (perfect timing right) And its own laundry room!! Anywho, moving was SO much work. Being pregnant, your already tired, well this WORE ME OUT! And i couldn't even carry things out like all the boxes or anything. (Doctors orders) So my job was to pack everything and have it ready for them to move it. Even with that task, i still felt SO unproductive. I hate that feeling. But i am SOOOO thankful for all our wonderful friends who helped out. It meant so much to Marc and i. Here's pictures of the house the first week we were in here. Its A LOT different now. All decorated and cute :) haha. So ill be posting those whenever i get around to it.

We're on the left!
From the front door entrance.
Picture from our laundry room.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

So being the last day of November and having no time to blog this last week, i thought id take the time to write about what we're thankful for, after all, we ALL have SO much to be thankful for. Here's what we came up with:

-The gospel
-Our families
-Our friends
-Eachother (DUH!!!)
-Our baby on the way
-The temple and the covenants we've made
-Being on our own, away from family so we rely only on eachother(i mean this is a nice way)
-Our jobs
-Our childhood memories
-LIFE and especially married life
-Our pets
-Our new HOT couch!!!
-Having our own place to call home & to make our home
-All of our belongings (materialistic, so what)
-The opportunity we have to be responsible on our own
-Supporting and taking care of one another
-Not relying on anyone for help
-Not having to ever be away from eachother

These are just a few of the things we're thankful for. Hopefully all of you have taken the time to think about what your thankful for. Its neat to reflect upon all that we have. Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving holiday. I know we did.

For our First thanksgiving together, we spent it at our aunt and uncles house. The Shield's. We went and saw Surrogates in the theatre and then headed over the the house for dinner, football and ultimate frisbee. Overall, it was a great day. It was nice to spend time with family and we're thankful for the hospitality of the Shields. We love you all so much.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Our First Ultrasound

Today we went and had our first ultrasound for the baby. I am officially ten weeks and the due date is June 15th, just as we suspected! When we first found out we were pregnant, and even up until today, it was surreal. Yes im sick and have all the symptoms of a pregnant woman, but still, it was surreal. When we saw the baby today, it hit us hard. THIS IS REAL. There is a baby in me. Its neat that technology allows us to see whats going on inside of our bodies. The ultrasound tech was so nice and went over everything with us. I love him and i love my doctor. Its people like them that are going to make this process go more smoothly. Anywho, during the ultrasound, the baby was bouncing so much! it was like whole body hiccups! SO cute. I learned that i have a different shaped uterus, nothing serious and that my uterus is the size of a very large orange. Today was a great day. Cant wait for my 21 week mark to find out what we're having.

Dear February 2nd.....Can you please come sooner. Sincerely, An anxious pregnant mother.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009

For Halloween, we spent it with our great friends the Sistrunks and the Drapers. We went to a lounge and ate and danced (well i attempted to, being in a box doesnt show off your moves) and took a bajillion pictures! It was a blast.

How we announced to the world that we are pregnant.
The Harrisons and The Sistrunks
The Girls: Whit, Lauren, Me and Julie
I felt like such an idiot in this thing and could barely put my arms to my mouth to eat!!
Mario and the Oven

Finally Announced.

We are expecting our first little baby in 2010. We went to the doctors and they gave us a guestimation of June 15th until i go in for the ultrasound which is this week. Im so nervous for it. Even with all the nausea and bodily changes already, it still hasnt hit me that ill be a mom. A MOM. it blows my mind. We werent expecting to have one so soon, but thats when the saying, everything happens for a reason, comes in.

We found out October 7th but we're full of mixed emotions that we didnt want to tell anyone right away. So we waited about 2 weeks to tell our families. And about a month to tell everyone else. To tell the parents, we printed this off and i made a puzzle out if it. it was one of the HARDEST crafts ive ever made and took so long. The families loved it though... they better have right?!

Monday, October 19, 2009


Yes. its been awhile since ive blogged last. Just very busy with life. So as most of you know, i was able to go to the Creed concert as a birthday present from the hubby! i dont think you all realize how much i LOVE Creed and how ive always dreamt of going. When i found out they split up, i was beyond devastated. So when i heard they were performing in Salt Lake City... NOTHING was going to stop me from going! It was an amazing concert!! Lifes a Storm, Staind and Creed all in one night= PERFECT. And of course, i had the hubby their to share it with... and my tears!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Have You's?

Instructions: Copy & Paste. Then bold the things you have done. That's it. :)

1.Started your own blog
2.Slept under the stars
3.Played in a band
4.Visited Hawaii
5.Watched a meteor shower
6.Given more than you can afford to charity
7.Been to Disneyland... SO long ago.
8.Climbed a mountain.. pioneer trek.. hardest thing ever.
9.Held a praying mantis
10.Sang a solo .... HECK NO
11.Bungee jumped... ONE day.. please oh please...
12.Visited Paris... again, one day!
13.Watched a lightning storm at sea..... on land yes!
14.Taught yourself an art from scratch
15.Adopted a child
16.Had food poisoning
17.Walked to the top of the Statue of Liberty
18.Seen the Mona Lisa in France
19.Slept on an overnight train
20.Had a pillow fight
22.Taken a sick day when you’re not ill
23.Built a snow fort... we tried. i suggest if your bad at building snowmen.. dont attempt a fort haha
24.Held a lamb
25.Gone skinny dipping
26.Run a Marathon
27.Ridden in a gondola in Venice
28.Seen a total eclipse
29.Watched a sunrise or sunset
30.Been on a cruise
31.Seen Niagara Falls in person
32.Visited the birthplace of your ancestors... does grandma count?!
33.Seen an Amish community
34.Taught yourself a new language
35.Had enough money to be truly satisfied ... not so much anymore lol
36.Seen the Leaning Tower of Pisa in person
37.Gone rock climbing
38.Seen Michelangelo’s David.
39.Sung karaoke
40.Seen Old Faithful geyser erupt
41.Bought a stranger a meal at a restaurant
42.Visited Africa
43.Walked on a beach by moonlight
44.Been transported in an ambulance
45.Had your portrait painted
46.Gone deep sea fishing
47.Seen the Sistine Chapel in person
48.Been to the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris
49.Gone scuba diving or snorkeling
50.Kissed in the rain
51.Played in the mud
52.Gone to a drive-in theatre
53.Been in a movie
54.Visited the Great Wall of China
55.Started a business
56.Taken a martial arts class... went once with my sister..
57.Visited Russia
58.Served at a soup kitchen
59.Sold Girl Scout Cookies
60.Gone whale watching
61.Donated blood, platelets or plasma.. once in my life
62.Gone sky diving... i want to SO bad. i repeat SO bad.
63.Visited a Nazi Concentration Camp
64.Bounced a check
65.Flown in a helicopter
66.Saved a favorite childhood toy
67.Visited the Lincoln Memorial
68.Eaten Caviar
69.Pieced a quilt
70.Stood in Times Square
71.Toured the Everglades
72.Been fired from a job
73.Seen the Changing of the Guards in London
74.Broken a bone... worst pain ever!
75.Been on a speeding motorcycle
76.Seen the Grand Canyon in person
77.Published a book
78.Visited the Vatican
79.Bought a brand new car
80.Walked in Jerusalem
81.Had your picture in the newspaper.. i was always in our school newspaper.. perks of having friends in journalism!
82.Kissed a stranger at midnight on New Year’s Eve
83.Visited the White House
84.Killed and prepared an animal for eating
85.Had chickenpox
86.Saved someone’s life
87.Sat on a jury
88.Met someone famous
89.Joined a book club
90.Lost a loved one
91.Had a baby
92.Seen the Alamo in person
93.Swam in the Great Salt Lake
94.Been involved in a law suit
95.Owned a cell phone
96.Been stung by a bee
97.Hit a home run
98.Got flowers for no reason
99.Grown your own vegetables

So after doing this, i realized how much i want to do! Lets get on it.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

4 Cent Date Night

So last Friday, we got together with our friends and had a double date night. Seems like everynight we always play games we have or our wii or go to the movies. So this time we decided to go do something outdoors. After racking our brain with a million different ideas, i funnaly came up with something not really thinking that we'd do it. For those of you who live in Utah, your familiar with the "starving student" card. It has TONS of discounted things, from food, to car things, to entertainment, to retail stuff and the best of it being the FREE stuff! So thats what our date was. A little scavenger hunt to acquire all the FREE things on the card. (it was all food!!!) So we set out on our journey. Heres what we came up with.

Us at the Block Party
Dan & Trac at the Block Party
Free 8 inch pizza
Free loaf of bread.... tax=4 cents
Free Crustos from Taco Time, we ate them while they were hot so we dont have them on the table in the last picture!
Free nacho supreme... SO GOOD
Our treasures... total cost= FOUR CENTS!!

Heather's Earrings

These are my new diamond earrings from my in-laws!! So beautiful and they look even better on! Just felt like bragging and giving a public thank you to my in-laws!!

Love You & miss you

Monday, September 28, 2009

Under The Hawaiian Sea

So during our trip in Hawaii, we went snorkeling! And we snorkeled at one of the best places to snorkle that not many people know about to make it all crowded. Its called Sharks Cove and is on the north shore! ITS BEAUTIFUL!! Here are some underwater pics of us!

I (Heather) was so excited to use a underwater camera. ive never used one before and was skeptical on how well theyd show up, but we did get some good ones!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Heather's 21st Birthday!

Was a great hit... even though it was on a Sunday.

Woke up to notes left by Marc all over our house!!

There were many more but i dont need to post all of them!

Went to church. Took a nap. Had family over. Ate lunch. Visiting teachers and home teachers came over. Friends came over and surprised me later! Got a HUGE cupcake from the Sistrunks. And of course, opened some pretty WONDERFUL gifts.

CREED tickets!!!
Sudoku touch screen game.
Zebra rug.
Pearl necklace (matches the earrings and bracelet Marc gave me when we were dating!!)
4 pairs of cute earrings.
3 pairs of sunglasses
Diamond earrings, not studs, better, ill have to show a pic of them!
Tons of goodies from friends.

1 GIANT cupcake to top off the night.
Me knocking the Domino train down after playing mexican train game