Friday, August 28, 2009

Another Successful Rope Swing Trip

Whelp, we went rope swinging again. This time we took our friends The Crofts! It was fun and hot like usual but this time, there wasnt ANY bugs creepin on us! So it was even better. The water was a little colder then usual, but still felt nice.

Me and my hubby

Daniel and Traci

Marc and i

The Gang!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


So the other night in Colorado, Marc and i were getting ready to go to bed. I forgot to pack his pj pants... i know, horrible wife right. Well he got stuck with my victoria secret PINK, hot pink pj pants! He actually wore them :) haha. If your a friend on my facebook, you wouldve seen the comment i left Marc. Its just one of the many hilarious moments we have together!!

soooo you've been rambling on about complete nonsense allll night!! haha. you are cracking me up. boy are you on one tonight or what!!

first your wearing my victoria secret pj pants which are PINK to bed.

then you say "goodnight ___" us
ing all kinds of random words. while I ignore and wonder what the heck your

the winner goes to this one:

u: goodnight ketchup
me: goodnight mustard.
u: huh?
me: if I'm your ketchup, your my mustard.
u: why? what's wrong with being my french fries?

HAHAHAHAHAHA ohhhh how I love you marc allan harrison!!

ps. A couple nights ago, my friend Brandon wore my pink pj pants too.
Real men wear pink!! haha

Harrison San Clemente Trip

Its a little late, i know!!! im catching up on all my blogging since ive been busy! Every Year, the Harrison family goes to San Clemente for a week. This was my first year going and boy did i LOVE it! We got there on Monday and left Saturday afternoon. It was awesome to wake up just feet away from the beach! We did tons of things. Had campfires, played dodgeball and baseball put together, played at the beach, had movie night on a projector screen, went to the pier, etc. The funnest of all the activities we did for the week was Spencer's MTC experience. He had a list of things to do and the more people he had join him to accomplish them, the more points he got. It was a blast. I LOVED spending time with the Harrison family and getting to know them more. All the siblings were there besides Devin, darnit. Next year for sure :)
The Harrison family picture with our Harrison Superman Reunion shirts!
Me, Elyse, Bree, Terrie, and Steph soaking up some vitamin D
All the Harrison girls!! 6 daughter and our mom
The kids!

Our First Sleepover

So our neighbors, Brandon and Julie finally movied out from next door to us to a bigger place. We helped them move and later that night had a sleepover in their empty house for the last night. We watched movies and just hung out. It was fun!!

Brandon wearing my PINK pj pants. All of his were packed! haha

Brandon and Julie sad to leave!

The boys putting on the movie!

The gang, minus me on our huge bed!!

Our Harrison Sign

Isnt that sign cute??!!! My mom gave me the materials and i had to spray paint it and put the vinyl lettering on it! I absolutely LOVE it. Im working on more right now and will post them when im done :)

The Ventura County Fair

Marc and i had the oppurtunity to go to Ventura for the state fair there. Many of you know that we grew up around fairs because of my grandpa. We're carni people haha. But because we re up around them, weve made many friendships. My moms friend wanted her to work the fair. Renting out strollers and wagons and electric chairs, so she did. My dad, Marc and i went up Saturday night and stayed with her in the rv RIGHT by the ocean! It was beautiful. Marc has never been to a fair before so it was exciting! We had fair food that is SO delicious, went to the Josh Turner concert, saw all the game booths and sellers stands. I worked and earned some money! It was a blast!
My family!!
Marc & i at the Josh Turner concert
Sami and i watching the fireworks
Us representing our last name!!
Us by the mini ferris wheel

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Our Colorado Trip

My BEAUTIFUL niece Miley!
Well, Miley finally turned ONE years old on August 15. and Marc and i went down there for it! It was so good to see everyone back home in Colorado. We spent one day in Aurora with my grandma. Went shopping, took Marc to BJ's to experience his first pazookie!! ohhhh how i wish they had a BJ's here in Utah. Then later that night we went down to Pueblo to visit my sister and her family. We woke up early to set up and run errands. The best part of this whole trip was that my sister wasnt expecting my mom and dad to come because they couldnt. Well they got a last minute plane ticket and flew in late friday night and surprised Amanda at birthday! It was amazing! The bday party was a blast. We spent the rest of the night at a family bbq, where Marc played horseshoes for the first time and i got to spend time with Amanda and Miley. We stayed the night there and headed back to Aurora on Sunday. It was so hard to leave Colorado and all my loved ones but we had too. Overall, it was a great weekend!!
Mileys birthday cakes.
The girls.
Miley and her magician

Miley and i with a real bunny he pulled out of his hat!

The Garden Of The Gods

So when we got to Colorado, Marc wanted to make sure we went to The Garden Of The Gods this time since we couldnt last year when he came because it was winter and closed. So we went and he loved it. Its great!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

More Temple Time

So heres a couple pictures of my handsome hubby and i at the Redlands Temple after a session. We went two days in a row. One for sealings and the other for Spencers endowments. We LOVE the temple!!!

Spencer's Temple Day

So Spencer(my brother in law) went through the temple yesturday at the Redlands Temple! Spencer got called to the Nicaragua mission and leaves October 20th. We're so proud of you Spenc. It was so nice seeing family from the Harrison side. Cant wait to get to know them more!
Spencer and his parents