Friday, July 31, 2009

Day 2

Well today was such a nice day! My mom made us breakfast! We went to Marc's dads jewelry store. Got my rings cleaned and some jewelry accessories and of course did some window shopping ; ) haha! Then we went to visit Marc's family and went to his sisters! Talked about our upcoming San Clemente trip!!! ahhhh i cant wait. Then we came back home. Took a well needed nap and was woken to have yet ANOTHER homemade meal from my mom! Nothings better then moms cooking! Later, we went to my best friend Gabbys house. She came down from Santa Barbara to visit! Thank you and i love you! We had a fantastic spa night and caught up on life. We just got home from that and now we're off to bed for yet another fun filled day tomorrow!

Us, squeezed onto our couch, before we fell asleep
Us passed out. (Sami has skittles in her hand, fatty haha)
How our fingers were when we were asleep. So Cute!!
Gabby and her boyfriend Bryan!
Best friends of 9 years :)
My handsome hubby and i
The group for spa night

1st Day In California

So we're here in California for a week and a half and we're already having a blast. Who wouldnt be?! So. we left Tuesday around 730pm. We were in this HUGE lightening storm for almost 2 hours. I mean RIGHT smack in the middle of it. I have some cool videos, i just dont know how to work videos yet. Give me some time. So we stayed at brett and brees house and visited with them and played with little Llayton, or should i say big Llayton now! Hes getting so big and growing so fast! Then we headed out around 11 on wednesday and got to California around 230! We were both sooo tired for some reason. Driving really takes a lot out of the driver AND passenger haha. We were welcomed home by some Pacos! oh baby, so delicious. Marc has never had it before and im pretty sure he's hooked! Later, Marc got up on some zzzz's while i visited with my mom. Then we went to Sami's karate class and i was her visitor and i got to participate. It was so fun. I couldnt keep a serious face at all. I felt like an idiot doing it lol. Then we went to the JU play, Aladdin. I love JU and im so glad they put on plays like that! That was about it for our first day back home.

Marc and I at Aladdin. (Hes never been to a JU play)

Karate was a blast!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Our Tattoos.

Boredom=Cool tattoos. Sunday school this past Sunday was just, hard to get interested in. Heather has Marc in a heart on her wrist and I have Heather on my wrist with a tribal band tattoo. We're artists.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Teeth Whitening=Yuck

As you can tell from our picture, bleaching is gross. haha. We went to the dentist to get our own bleaching trays and bleach and it is SOOOO powerful. It burns your gums, your tongue, anything it touches pretty much, besides your teeth. Yay for whiter teeth!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Permanent Ring!

Soooo, after laying out at the pool a few times, i now officially have a permanent wedding ring on my ring finger haha! i cant believe how white i used to be! yay for being tan!! 

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer Nights With Friends

We went to a fair with our fantastic neighbors and friends, Julie and Brandon! It was a blast. We had the best Twister Lemonade!! We watched a hypnotism show and saw people on rides and bands play. It was neat! 

The group. My heads cutting off Marc. Sorry honey!
Marc and i (he was enjoying the kettle corn)
Julie and i. its blurry cause we were walking in the intersection
Julie trying out this exercising thing
This kettle corn man was so cool. He kept posing for the camera but Marc couldnt capture it.
Me and Marc again. My big ole;' head is in the way!

4th Of July!

yes, 4th of July was a few weeks ago, but Im trying to catch up on all these things we've done!! So my mom and Sami were in town visiting us again! Boy do we love their visits. We started off the day by going to the 4th of July Fair in downtown Provo. It was SO hot. (not to mention, Marc and i were sunburnt from the day before laying out) But anywho, we walked around the fair and of course had the fair food!! mmmmmm. Later that night, Marc had to work so it was a night with my mom and Sami. We went to Dennys to visit our friend Steven but also to park our car their right by the stadium because it was The Stadium Of Fire with the Jonas Brothers that night. So we were able to hear their music and watch the HUGE firework show after! It was soo neat. Missed Marc though, but we went to visit him later! All in all, it was a great 4th.

Us in line for some taters!!
Me, Sami and my mom
Sami and i with her cool cup (it has a divider in it so you can put TWO different sodas in it. talk about cool!!!)
Us visiting Steven
Sami and i in the parking lot 
The cool fireworks!!
Sami and i watching the fireworks!
More fireworks!

Wii Fit Fun!

So one night when my mom and sister were in town and also Elyse we decided to play our wii fit for a girls night while Marc was working. So we did and we had a blast. Elyse has more pictures that i need to get from her! In the pictures below, we were doing a hula hoop activity!! Sami kept getting SOO mad that she couldnt do it haha. It was a great night full of laughs and burnt calories~!!

Me on the wii
Elyse on the wii
Sami on the wii workin it haha
Me on the wii

Monday, July 20, 2009

Bridal Veil Falls

So last Wednesday we went to Bridal Veil Falls which is pretty much Provo Canyon. There is a HUGE waterfall that is SO gorgeous! We rode the zuma there instead of driving the car since it was a beautiful day and man oh man was it a long ride. The zuma only goes about 45 mph so picture us like dumb and dumber going up the mountain all slow haha. It was a blast though. Then we sat out a blanket at the base of one of the water falls and played card games, took pictures, watched people try to hike up the waterfall and of course, relax. It was a beautiful day!

Us with the waterfall behind us!

We parked our blanket right along the water!

Marc and i at bridal veil fails!

Arent they GORGEOUS!!

Our Anniversary!

Today is our FOUR month mark of marriage!!! 

Just thought we'd throw that out there!!

Married life is seriously the BEST thing in the world....... so far!

Haha, we're so cute! This is how we celebrated our anni!!

Showing Off Miley

So I just received these pictures of my niece Miley! She'll be 1 on August 15 and i am so excited for our trip to Colorado for it!! Its SOOO crazy that Miley will be 1. It seems like yesturday when she was born. Its tough being an aunt for the 1st time and having your niece in a whole other state. BOO! These pictures are what keeps me going!

Miley with some food on her face!
My sisters Amanda & Sami & little Miley!
My FAVORITE picture of Miley Paige!!

Harrison Havasu Trip

So I know that im a little late on this blog. But i decided, better late then never! The Harrison's have a lake trip every year and since im the new addition, i went for my 1st time. Last year they went to Lake Mead but this year they decided on Havasu! It was SOOOO much fun! We stayed in a condo on the beachfront. (you have to cross London Bridge to get there) It was sweeeet! We were there for a week, from June 12th to the 19th and boy did that week go by way too fast. Im looking forward to this family tradition!!! Big thanks to Steph for the great meals and Terrie and Wayne for EVERYTHING! Brett, Bree, Llayton, Devin, Stacey and Chelle, WE MISSED YOU

Marc and I relaxing in the water while watching the cliff jumpers
Luke, Logan & Landon were PASSED out!

Alyssa, Me & Elyse posing before our tube ride
Heather, Marc, Elyse, Spencer & Alyssa on the London Bridge!! I love this picture
Tube jumping!!
Spencer trying to be sexy haha
Steph, Jason, Luke, Logan & Landon floating on the raft!

Elyse and Landon
Wayne and Terrie are SO cute
Marc and I hanging out at the Sand Bar
Elyse and I posing for a picture on the way back to our condo
Mama Terrie tearing it up!!