Tuesday, January 29, 2013

31 Week Appt

Well today has been VERY interesting... to say the least. It started off by the hubs and i waking up at 8:30am to go to my appointment which was at 9:45am. We get there a little later because of the crazy snow storm! HOLY COW! We checked in and were told that i didn't have an appointment. I was so confused. So she checked the upcoming schedule and saw that my appointment was for TOMORROW at 9:45am... WHOOPS! Thank you pregnancy brain. Luckily, they were able to squeeze me in! I saw my dr. BP was 134/75. Weight, i gained back 1 pound! HOLLER! And we talked about my symptoms and which hospital i will deliver at. I told her how my insurance wont cover me at Mountain View hospital (right next door to her office and where i delivered Pax) until March 1. And she said that as of now, she wants me to deliver at Utah Valley because of their NICU unit. All Ive heard about Utah Valley hospital is negative things so i've been trying to work with my insurance to let me just deliver at Mountain View. But alas, it doesn't matter. The only way i can or will deliver at Mountain View is if i make it passed 37 weeks. Which is very unlikely at this point. My dr told me that my symptoms will get worse and baby will come early. Just not sure how long we can push it off. So Utah Valley it is. I guess now i wont have to stress about calling my insurance to switch it over. One less thing to worry about now. Anywho, she is hoping i make it to 35 weeks. So to prepare for that, she ordered that i get a Betamethasone Shot. The shot is to help the lungs of the baby to develop quicker in case the baby is born prematurely. I have to get a follow up one within 24 hours of the first one being administered. Then she told me that i will get blood work done once a week to check my HELLP levels. (Hemolysis, elevated liver enzymes, low platelet count) I will also be getting ultrasounds once a week to check baby's weight and the amniotic fluid levels. I have another appointment with her next Tuesday and then i will do the 24 hour urine collection again and see her Thursday. Its gonna be a busy time. But hey, at least it'll get me off the couch for a bit. Ive been going nuts laying here everyday since last Tuesday. With the exception of going to dinner two different nights. Which was an awful idea. Total panic/anxiety attack. It was pretty bad and definitely scary. Gave me a reality check. So really, i've been  strictly laying here since Saturday night. Not even to church. Bed rest sucks! i will have to do Non-Stress Test every time i see my dr. Today i was put on it. Baby is doing good. No decelerations! Thank goodness! We made my next appointment and left, after being there for over 4 hours!

Non-Stress Test. Baby's heart rate was 144 and my contractions were at a 49 (in this picture)
While i was getting my NST, my mom sent me this picture of Pax. Man i miss him :(

After that appt, we went to Utah Valley to get my Betamethsone shot. They check me in at Labor and Delivery. Get me a room. Make me put on the gown and tell me that ill be there a couple of hours. Marc and i looked at each other like, what the heck, i thought i was just getting a shot. Well, i had to get some extra monitoring time. So we did just that. My BP was 145/87 and my pulse rate was 127. Then an hour later they checked it and it went down to 126/78 and pulse rate was 110. So after that blood pressure and more monitoring for the Non-Stress Test, i was finally able to get the shot. HOLY COW, it is by far the worst shot i've ever had in my life. The needle was bigger and the serum was super thick. I could feel it going in my left hip but i couldn't feel it spreading. It was such a weird feeling. It hurts. I did my best to rub it around to relieve some of the pain but just touching it was tender. And here i am 4 hours later and it still hurts. OY VEY. Im dreading going back to get the 2nd shot tomorrow :( So ya, after the shot and the nurse calling and clearing it with my dr, i was able to go! When we got home, we had probably 8 inches of snow in our yard! Crazy. But ya, that was our day. Gone from 9am-5:30ish. It feels so good to be home! 
Showing my 31 week and 5 day belly and then below me all hooked up!
The weird smile was because we were going to send it to my mom and tell her we were going into labor... then we thought, thats not something to joke about at this point! So we passed that up and now i'm stuck with these weird facial expression pictures! ha. Oh well.

Here is my 31 Week Picture

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  1. I delivered Matix at utah valley and loved it. Everyone was so kind and the food was amazing! Plus I loved knowing they had a great NICU just in case. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Like I said before you are a strong girl! I admire your strength.