Saturday, May 8, 2010

34 Weeks.... or so we think.

When i was 33 weeks, i went to my appointment & measured 36 cm along. Now i guess the rule of thumb for that is that the centimeters you measure, is how far along you are. Give or take 1 cm sometimes. Well if thats true then i was actually 36 weeks at the time & 37 now. Boy im crossing my fingers that im further along! Anywho, doctors usually arent concerned if its about 1 cm over or less, but 3 is kinda wishy washy. So next appointment, May 11, we will find out for sure whats going on!!

Here's a picture of me at 34 weeks.... (possibly 37!!)

I really hope i am further along then what weve thought originally. Im anxious to get him out for my own personal selfish reasons!! I want my old body back, im tired of my hips falling asleep from sleeping on my sides, bla bla bla. I know everyone says, enjoy your time while you have, but its SO hard especially being in the last trimester, im just huge, & uncomfortable all the time! Im not ready to be a mom, but im ready to play dress up!!

And for those attending my Utah baby shower, my aunt sent the invites out so look in your mailbox!! And mark your calendar early, May 15th at 11 am!!! Oh & im registered at babiesRus.

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  1. That is very very crazy! Have you always been measuring ahead at each appointment? I hope they bump it for you. That'd be nice! I know the last few weeks are the uncomfortable and you just want to meet your little bundle of joy. It's all very excited.

    I had my first at 39 weeks, and my 2nd and 3rd at 37 hopefully they can tell for sure at the ultrasound! <3 Take care!