Monday, May 10, 2010

My 1st Mothers Day!!

Well, i guess being pregnant counts in the celebration of mothers day. I will admit, i dont feel like a mom yet. Yes, im pregnant but i guess, i wont feel like a mom until little Paxton is actually here. A lot of women bond with their baby when its in the womb, but me, no. Dont ask me why, of course i already love the little guy but thats different then bonding. I was relieved when i found out that i wasnt the ONLY one who felt this way. Anyways, back to my mothers day. I woke up to breakfast in bed! We had german pancakes, toast, and orange julius's! SO GOOD! Then i got some presents! Theres these decorations that ive been wanting at tai pan, so Saturday Marc took me to the mall to get them! It was great because, what i thought i wanted, i didnt get! Instead Marc and i found these other decorations that we liked... TOGETHER!! So we bought them & we both LOVE them. Instead of accenting our living room with yellow, we agreed on this green color! We got two black stands that hold these new ball decors! Then i got this cool green, stand thing. (youll see in the picture) I love spending time with him but shopping for decor for our house together, was so fun! Hes a guy & he did it for me! It was the best.
The balls are green & the stands are so perfect!
Candle holder!!

Lately, ive been complaining about how i hate getting dressed for church because i feel like i always wear the SAME thing. So he took me to get this dress at Forever 21 that ive been wanting & will work when im pregnant & when im not! I ABSOLUTELY love it. Marc thinks i have a weird taste in clothes. Ill post a pic of it later... you guys can decide haha.

Also, we were able to hear from Spencer, Marcs brother, from Nicaragua! We left priesthood & RS early so we wouldnt miss the call! He called his parents house in California, they put him on speaker phone & then called us from a cell phone & put us on speaker phone too! It was hard to understand at times, but i guess, just knowing he was there on the phone, gave us the patience to put up with the cracky noises & the cut outs haha! Hes doing great! And he bore his testimony in spanish! I didnt hear from my brother :( but i know hes doing great in Australia. Hes officially been out there for 2 weeks!

Later, we went to our aunt & uncles house for dinner. We brought my green chile chicken enchiladas for the potluck. Its so nice having them close to us. We would be lost if we didnt have ANY family by us. We also brought our sombrero pinata that we mad on cinco de mayo with our cousins Nate & Kaitlyn. It was a hit. We even put candy in it!! It was only for the moms & mom to be! It was SO funny seeing the gals hit it! Then we sat around and just visited with my aunt. She is the best.

Lets just say that my Mothers Day was amazing & im grateful for the oppurtunity i have to become a mother very soon. Im grateful that Heavenly Father trusts me, because i dont even trust myself!!! Hope everyones mothers day was awesome!

Mom & Terrie, i (WE) love you both!

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  1. I miss the days when we could buy cute little decor for the house. Now the kids just knock everything over and break stuff...whatever they can get their hands on! lol

    Glad you had a good Mothers Day!