Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Unexpected Hospital Stay

Well, i went in yesterday for a regular ob check up, or so i thought. Im MORE then happy to say that i only gained ONE pound in TWO weeks, thanks to my low carb & low sugar diet! I was sooo stressed out about this all week! I measured 37 cm, still ahead & was 1 1/2 cm dilated & 60% effaced. Then i get my blood pressure taken. 156/98. Bad, so we did it again. 135/92, bad. 142/95, bad. So we waited 5 more minutes. 128/89, not horrible, but not good. Apparently my BP has been high for the last few visits. She looked at my urine & there was extra protein in my pee. She also knew there was a few times where i had the WORST headaches ever. Tylenol wouldnt even help me, so after putting all this info together, my doctor then explained to Marc & i what pre-eclampsia was. I was a mess. She said im gonna be admitted to the hospital to labor & delivery. id stay there while they monitored my BP & did bloodwork. She told us that the original due date is definitely out of the question. If my BP wouldnt go down, then theyd induce me & baby Paxton would be delivered that day or the next. I FREAKED OUT. Definitely not something i was prepared to hear. That means he'd be 5 weeks early (we didnt get to see in an ultrasound if i was further along or not) Not to mention, i have white trash regrowth on my roots!! Then she told us that if its mild, we'll try to keep him in me for at least two weeks. Which means, absolutely no working, i have to lay or sit all day, & thats about it.

So off Marc & go to the hospital. Check in. Go up to L&D. Get escorted to my room. Change into those sexy gowns. Get hooked up to every monitor. And wait. It was nice to see what the rooms looked like. Im definitely glad we chose the hospital we did. Marc went out & got us Subway. And we watched back to back episodes of Law & Order SVU while dozing in & out. The nurse had to do some bloodwork & if that came out fine then i wouldnt have to stay overnight to do this 24 hour urine collection that i needed to do. Boy, was i praying that i would be released & just have to do it at home. And thats what ended up happening! We left the hospital at about 6pm, 6 hours of being there. YUCK! And now im home collecting my own urine. SO GROSS! I take it to the lab today & then i meet with my doctor tomorrow.

I knew that the pregnancy was slowing coming to an end, i just didnt think it would be this soon & under these circumstances.

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