Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dumont Dune Trip!

So again, another late post! During my visit to cali, we also did a dune trip! It was a blast. Sucked not being able to ride :( but ill be back soon on a quad soon enough. My best friend chels and i rode her t-rex (kinda like a rhino) we only went like 13 mph or so, dont worry!! So that occupied some time! We also layed out in the sun! It was nice to be away. Weather was perfect & being with my family & friends made it even more perfect! Missed my hubby though.
My mom, Amanda, Miley & i
Miley & Amanda ready to ride
Miley playing in the sand
Chels & i made pull aparts!
Miley going to the bathroom on the big girl potty!!

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