Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Moving... AGAIN!

Yes, we're moving again. RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET!! Our friends, the Sistrunks, bought a house & are moving out! Their place is almost the same layout & is the same from the outside, but it is ALL updated. New appliances, counters, tile, carpet, paint, crown molding. the list goes on. So we graciously decided to step in & take it & free them from the hassle of finding people to move in!! We're nice, i know!! Anyways, its bittersweet. Im so happy that they bought a house, BUT now they will be living in Springville :( We both lived at Parkside together, then they moved over here, then we moved after them to be close to them but now, we just cant follow them :( Sucks. But im SOO happy for them & their new house!


Our good friends, Rachel & Taylor Pedersen will be moving into our old house, so we'll have them right across the street so we're happy about that! Ill post pictures of the new place later. We will be moving out on Monday, the 17th!!

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