Wednesday, April 21, 2010

32 Weeks & Counting

Ive realized that i havent posted much about my pregnancy as i thought i have. So i figured id start now. Im just entering my 32nd week. I cant believe he will be here in about 8 weeks! This last week he has moving SO much!! He's not breech anymore so im excited about that. Let me tell you how much id prefer him to have the hiccups being head down then him being up in my rib cage!! Now what i dont enjoy so much are his "im gonna kill you kicks" in my ribs. It feels like a golf ball is being launched up there from a marshmellow shooter! haha. He plays with me. I push him in certain spots & he'll push back in the same spot i poked him at! SO cute! He sleeps when i sleep & is awake when im awake. THANK GOODNESS!! When we were at the sand dunes, i went for a t-rex ride with my friend chelsey (we went SLOW dont worry) anyways, he got startled when she turned it on, & moved the WHOLE time we rode, which was 13 miles an hour on a flat dirt road for about 2 minutes. He stopped moving right when we stopped so needless to say, i dont think he likes vibrations. Glad i didnt register for a vibrating chair for him! Lets see.. what else is going on. Oh i have a bottle of tums beside my bed that i take everynight. Heartburn SUCKS! As for that, not much else is new. Oh, oh. I dont have the line in my belly & i dont have ANY stretchmarks!! I lotion up about twice a day so im glad its paying off or has been so far. OH & how could i forget this, ive gained a whopping 32 pounds. YUUUUCK :( i havent gained any weight in the last 3 weeks so im excited about that! We'll see how much more i gained next week. Hopefully NO more!!

After my next appointment next Tuesday, ill start going to my doctors ONCE a week. Crunch time. Well last appointment we talked about induction. My doctor will only induce me when i come in for my 39 week checkup & if im dilated 3 cm & my cervix is thinning, then she'll do it that week, if not, she'll induce me at 41 weeks if baby Paxton hasnt come before that. So thats the latest on that. Heres some pictures of me pregnant that i havent posted on here...

My 31 week picture is a tad bit too risky!! Sorry.
30 weeks pregnant at Dumont
29 weeks pregnant at Disneyland
28 weeks pregnant at my parents in Cali... different view haha
27 weeks in our messy room

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  1. Don't feel bad...I gained 49 lbs with my first!!! lol. It was BAD! And my tummy was covered in stretch marks that I got the last 6 weeks. I didn't get any with my third though, because I finally started using the lotion.

    There's an old wives tale that the more heartburn you have, the more hair your baby will be born with. It was right for me! :-P