Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Update On Me & Pax

Monday we had another doctors appointment. My mom was able to be there for that which was nice. She asked a couple questions, i wouldnt have thought of! Well, my blood pressure was 169/103 & about 25 minutes later, after i was hooked up to the monitors & reclining in a nice chair, dropped to 138/85. I was officially put down on bed rest :( No doing anything! Marc ratted me out to the doctor. This last weekend we moved into our new house. I didnt do anything vigorous. i just packed up the boxes & unpacked the boxes. But he snitched on me haha. So thats why she officially put me down. What sucks is i HATE sitting around doing nothing. Especially when i feel like theres so much to do lately. Anyways, im glad i had my mom here to help with everything. Couldnt have done it without her at all! And thanks to everyone else who helped us move.

Ok back to the medical stuff. She measured me and i was 38 cm, and i was 35 weeks & 6 days. We discussed how with mild pre eclampsia they wait till your at least 37 weeks & then she'll induce. So we'll talk about that next appointment. She scheduled me to do an ultrasound the next day to check the amniotic fluid, see how big he is, make sure i wasnt further along & to make sure everything was ok. My mom & sister stayed an extra day to be there for that! So Tuesday we went back. i was exactly 36 weeks & every test he did showed the same. Normal range for amniotic fluid is anywhere from 8-24. i had 21. The tech tried his best to show us everything, but man, the baby is SO squished in there! So weird to think. He definitely has my nose already! We even saw his butt cheeks! I just wanted to pinch them! The tech did a great job. Even gave us pictures & some in 4d (which on an AFV ultrasound you shouldnt do because its not a typical ultrasound appt) He will give the results to my doctor & i go in on Thursday for another appointmen. She'll see how dilated & effaced i am & do the normal checkup. On Monday, she also wanted us to start monitoring my bp at home & charting it. We got one & ive been keeping track. So we'll give her that information & we'll go from there. Ill keep ya'll posted!!

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