Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Easter In California

Yes, this blog is out of order! ive been waiting for some pictures & with my mom visiting this last week, i finally got them! SO easter was a blast. Miley & Amanda were still in California & i was still there! We spent a lot of family time together since my brother was leaving soon after! I didnt know when i decided to stay in Cali that i would miss easter with Marc. It was kinda sad. We havent had ONE easter together yet!! The year before, i was in Cali also! Poor fella! Heres some pictures from that day!

My super cool egg!!

Miley coloring her eggs!
Us kids
Miley was SO excited haha
Pure concentration
Miley & i watching my egg develop
My brother!
All the eggs, mines the best! Ca-ca brown takes talent!
Sammi posing with her ears (we all got them)
My dad, Sam, & Miley
Easter morning!
Miley easter morning!

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