Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Utah Baby Shower

So my Aunt Dorene, wanted to throw a baby shower for me here in Utah. I was against it only because, i had one already & i dont know many people here. Not to mention, im not such an attention seeker like i used to be in my prime!! But she won the fight & we had it anyways. It was Saturday, May 15. Her & my friend Julie planned it together. It was so nice. Almost everyone came which made it even better!! We ate, played a game with yarn on how big you think i am, then you had to wrap it around me & whoever was closest won! Prizes were in-n-out gift cards! YUM! Well, my friend Rachel won the belly contest. And my friend Hannah won the diaper contest! It was short, simple, & so fun! Thanks to everyone that came & for the gifts!! We dont have many pictures cause my moms camera died. BOO!
My moms yarn was too big so she wrapped it under my big butt AND my belly!! haha
Another giraffe for his room!
He got a SKUNK costume!! its SOO cute!!
A diaper cake from my friend Hannah!!
More measuring!
Haley, Me, & Erica... Love these girls So much
Some of the girls
More of the girls
The rest of the girls

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