Saturday, May 8, 2010

Our Little Stang

Well, this last week weve been having a lot of trouble with our car. It doesnt start half the time.

So last thursday it started acting up. I went to leave for work & it wouldnt start. Wouldnt even turn over, so i got a ride from my friend to work. Marc came home later to fix it & it worked. Friday it wouldnt start once but later did so we thought it might be the battery, so we went and bought a new one. Then Saturday we go & run errands & we get stranded outside babiesRus because it wouldnt start.We had our friends come pick us up & we left the car there. We went back about 2 hours later to try it & it wouldnt work, so we ventured over to the mall & walked around for about an hour & a half then went back to try it again. It worked. So we immediately drove it to Checkers, turned it off, went inside, got the guy, went back outside, tried starting the car for him so he could run the test & what do you know, it wouldnt start. Therefore, no test.

We tried explaining to him what it was doing but he had no clue as to what it could be. So we left it there. Went back Sunday to try it, wouldnt work. Went back Monday to try it, wouldnt work. So later that day we had to have it towed to a mechanic. They ran the diagnostic test for 50 bucks & it came back with NO problems. i repeat NO problems. We were dumbfounded. Clearly there is a problem, IT WONT START!!! He got it running & sent us on our way.

TWO days later, i go to leave for work.... it doesnt start!! Boy was i heated! Again, i had to get a ride & ugh, i hate inconveniencing other people. Marc tried getting it to start when he got home from work, but it wouldnt. So we waited a day & tried it Friday morning (when i had work again) nope didnt work. So Marc drove me, pregnant & in a dress on the ZUMA to work. It was hilarious!! Marc ended up calling AAA again to tow it, this time we took it to the AAA mechanic. Not even an hour later, they call us and tell the fuel pump is bad. 750 bucks for that.

What i dont understand is how the other mechanics found NOTHING wrong with it. They made their 50 dollars off us, but lost 750 at the same time. Stupid them! Anyways, thats our car situation right now.

No car=Blogging

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