Monday, April 12, 2010

Family Visits!!

So i know its been a whole month since ive blogged, ive just been SUPER busy & not in the mood to sit on the computer forever. So now that im home in Utah & have nothing but time to kill, might as well catch up right?! Ill start with the where i left off!

So my sister & niece came to visit us here in Provo on their way to California! i LOVED having them here & playing with them just felt like the old days when i lived in Colorado, a lot closer to them. It was so nice to spend time with my sister. Ive missed her SO much. We shopped, got our hair done, & all that good stuff! And my niece.... My niece is the cutest little girl ever. I know EVERYONE & their momma says it, but i speak the truth :) Here's some pictures of her from the visit.
She LOVES sunglasses
If you ask her what sound a cow makes, she scrunches her face & says "Muuuuuuuu" (She puts a huge emphasis on the letter U)
Another sunglasses picture!
Playing at the mall, her arm is around the lion haha
Her cute little smile!
Her stink face! SO funny.

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