Monday, April 12, 2010

ONE Year Already?!!

Pretend Its March 20, 2010!!
Seems just like yesterday that we were married!! I cant believe how fast time has gone by. In almost all of our wedding cards, it says that the first year is the hardest. If this was the hardest year of our marriage, we're going to be in bliss every year from now on!! Our first year was perfect. No complaints. We still havent had our first fight & i LOVE that :) Im not nieve, i know we'll have our ups & downs later on.. MAYBE! haha. I definitely think that we are eachothers' eternal companions! No doubt in my mind. I couldnt have asked for a more loving man then him. Im so grateful to be his wife & soon to be mother of his children. Its such a blessing!

& Counting.....

So, along with the already hectic day, my baby shower started at 3 & ended about 5ish. For our anniversary, Marc & i agreed that since we were in California that we wouldnt do anything too special & save some money for the camera we are getting. And to keep it relaxed & spend time with family (or so i thought) He made plans with my parents that we needed to leave my house at 6pm, no later for a surprise that night. So we did. We exchanged some gifts then we drove down like we were going to knotts berry farm (thats where i thought we were going) & i was kinda mad cause uh hello, im pregnant, thats no fun haha. But we didnt. Instead, we ended up in front of TARGET. I was SO confused. He came back out to the car & had the New Moon movie for me!! I LOVE the series! Then we headed down the street towards Knotts, i was scared, then we pulled into the Medieval Times parking lot & i about peed my pants. Ive been wanting to go there FOREVER! When Marc & i dated, i told him that but that was what almost 2 years ago! Hes a great listener! So thats where we went that night. I LOVED it!

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