Monday, April 12, 2010

Brenden's Farewell Fiesta

So Sunday, March 21, we all headed down to the church to hear Brenden's farewell talk.
Here's pictures of us girls & Marc before we went!!

i was SHOCKED at how comfortable he was in front of people! He did a great job! Then it was back to my parents house for our mexican fiesta. In case you havent noticed, my family & i love mexican food! There's a real good mexican bakery & they have the best take out food for parties & stuff. My dad grilled the carne asada & lemon chicken & boy was it a hit! Tons of family & friends came over. It was nice to have everyone there supporting brendy boo.

Afterwards, we all took family pictures! It was a hoot! We were planning on taking them Saturday, the 20th but it was too busy & Miley got an allergic reaction to something. She's a little puffy & red in the pictures but still as adorable as ever!

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