Monday, April 12, 2010

Downtown Disney!

One day, we all decided to take a trip to downtown disney. (It was my idea, brilliant, i know) So my mom, sisters, niece, brother & i all loaded into the car & drove down there. We walked around the shops, made some build-a-bears for the younger girls, took fun pictures & shopped! My mom bought baby Paxton a HUGE plush giraffe that turns into a pillow (ill take a picture & post it later) it is SO cute! It was a fun little trip & nice to spend time with my brother since the days before he left for the mtc were slowing moving into single digit numbers.

Me 29 weeks pregnant
The gang
Yay for celebrations
Self-timer+a trash can=this
Sammi & i goofin off
Us kids & Miley walking into downtown disney
Miley with her first build-a-bear, easter bunny
I spotted some boomerangs & we took a picture by them haha
Amanda & Miley outside the build-a-bear shop
I made a suggestion that we should go to MJ's Neverland earlier that week, that didnt happen, this did
"A" for Amanda
Us kids leaving the park. I have a big butt, i know. My excuse, IM PREGNANT! haha

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  1. Aw Heather you're so cute! I can't believe you're due in like 8 weeks... WHHAAAAATTTT??!!