Sunday, January 13, 2013

Weeks 27, 28 & 29

Week 29

I've gained about 25 pounds. Dang it. Still better then my first pregnancy though! But 15 of it is in my bra.... I now cannot fit my "E" bra.... yes, you read that right... "E".. Shoot me now. As long as they arent a "FF" (double F) like last time then ill be ok. But still, they are MONSTROUS. My hair is finally growing back in! I seriously thought i was going bald. Awful. Baby boy is still breech. AND still lodged in my right rib cage. Its becoming a lot more painful so Im hoping he will turn soon! 
On January 15th, i had to do the Glucose test. This one wasnt as bad as the fruit punch one. It tasted like Sprite that was left open in a can for 3 days. MMMM! haha.

Week 28

During this week, I got really sick with a cold. And its still lingering. I started throwing up a lot and had a drs appt so when i went in for it, i ended up having to get another IV of fluids and antibiotics. I also had to get a shot in the hip with another antibiotic. I was so dehydrated that my body started producing this chemical that is found in your urine. And the number was really high. Crazy huh. Not a fun visit but it has helped me feel better. My blood pressure was high :( but after sitting there for 30 minutes, it went down. This makes me extremely nervous because i had preeclampsia last pregnancy and thats exactly what happened. I would go in for a visit, my bp would be high, and eventually (sometimes) after laying or sitting for a bit, my bp would go down. I hope she doesnt put me on bed rest, but i already feel like she's going too. I see her every two weeks now and hopefully itll stay that way and i wont have to see her once a week like last pregnancy. Fingers crossed. 
More fluids and Phenergan

Week 25

Getting Acid Reflux really bad at about 6 pm EVERY night. So Tums are a must now. At 25 weeks and 4 days, we were in California and i had an ultrasound there (trying to establish a dr there just in case) so we were able to see baby boy again! And we were told a second time that baby boy is completely healthy. In fact, the tech said out of 26 years of her being a tech, she has never seen a more beautiful, clear and distinct 4 chamber heart. She printed it out for her records! (And yes, she asked me) Kinda cool huh! Here he is... and yes, still a boy!
Face picture!
Love him!

**We were in California for weeks 26 and 27 and i forgot to bring my shirt :( Darn it. 

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