Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Our 2012 in Review

Man, was 2012 an eventful year! I cant believe how fast it went. And lets be honest, ever since i had Pax, i feel like time ALWAYS goes by fast. Too fast. I wish it would slow down! Here are some of the fun things we did this year... in NO particular order!

January- Rang in the new year in Colorado! Called to be Ward Activity Chairwoman! Started watching the Star Wars Trilogy with close friends! Pax had his first ice cream cone. 1 year anniversary of Buddy's death :( Booked our Mexican Riviera cruise! Began crafting more!
February- Hosted my first Murder Mystery dinner for my church. Shopped way too much in preparation for the cruise. Pax peed in the potty for the first time! Got my first Passport! Weighed less then 115 pounds!! Spent a lot of time with our friends from church.
March- Found a 2nd favorite ice cream.. Breyers Oreo Birthday Blast! Went on an 8 day Mexican Riviera cruise with the Bogh's and left Paxton for the FIRST TIME EVER :( Road trip to Cali. My brother got home from his two year mission in Australia! Got my IUD out. Found out i have FibroCystic Breast Disease. (First time ever mentioning that) Planted flowers for the first time. Celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary! Sammi came and stayed with us for a bit. Peyton Manning was signed to the BRONCOS!!!! Pax got his first x-ray. (Had bronchiolitis) Tubing in Soldier Hollow.
April- Camry got rear ended. Celebrated Easter with my family in Utah. Paxton officially climbs out of his crib so we turned it backwards so the back of the crib is facing the room. Went on our first (and only... possibly?) double date with Pax and his friend Lucy! Played in the backyard a lot.
May- Went to my 1st Real Salt Lake Soccer game! Went on tons of bike rides. Celebrated Paxtons 2nd birthday in Utah AND California. Road trip to Arizona when we were in California and i brought home a dog: a Shar-pei named Chubbs :) Went to Farrells Ice Cream Parlor for the first time. Pax rode his first donkey at my grandpas house. The Dukes got sealed in the SD temple and i photographed it! Went to the Hogle Zoo for the first time with the siblings.
June- Trip to Colorado to see my sister Amanda graduate college. Chubbs (my dog) got her first period :( GAG! Spent many days with Pax at Seven Peaks water park. Bought a king size bed!! Hosted a church activity at our Bishops cabin in Palisade for the weekend. Road trip to California again. Harrison Havasu trip. Spent 2 days in LV and toured the city.
July- Road trip to California. Cut Pax off the binky! Started Invisalign. Had our Harrison San Clemente reunion. Found out we were pregnant July 26th! Worked the OC fair. Met Cody Simpson. The Aurora Massacre shooting happened in my hometown :( Ferron Utah Camping trip.
August- Tried potty training Pax... that was a no go. In California for the majority of the month. Went to Disneyland. Worked at the Ventura Fair for 10 days and helped work the Orange County fair too. Went to Lake Mead. Visited Seven Peaks more.
September- Announced we were expecting baby #2. (Ended the 1st trimester) Had family pictures taken!!! Turned 24 and spent it with great friends! Marlie Bogh joined my best friends family. NFL season began and let me just tell you how much i LOVE seeing Peyton Manning in a Bronco jersey.
October- Bought a new car: a Scion XB! Spent Halloween with the Sistrunks and the Penrods. We were Betty, Barney and Bam-Bam. Went to 2 pumpkin patches called Hee-Haw Farms and Cornbellys. Went to my 1st BYU basketball game. We found out we were having another healthy little BOY! Saw my friend Erica Grey who i havent seen in two years! Felt the baby move for the first time. Spontaneous trip to California with Pax. Dyed my hair brown and chopped off 9 inches.
November- Traveled to Colorado to see my grandma, sister & niece. Spent a day in the hospital with an IV getting fluids and medicine. Went to my first BYU game. Mitt Romney lost the election :( The Moser's came and visited us. Spent Thanksgiving at the Shields. Went shopping on Black Friday! Pax is officially 2 1/2.
December- Amanda and Miley visited us in Utah. Visited temple square for the lights. Marc got a callback from a job in AZ and has an interview on January 3rd!! Spent the holidays in California. Knott's Berry Farm, Dumont Dunes, family parties and the first ever White Elephant gift exchange at the Searle's Christmas Eve bash. Rang in the New Year in Arizona!

As much as i loved this past year, I am SO excited for this year! Marc got the job in Arizona so we will be moving down there and will buy our first home! We get to welcome a new little boy to our family! Pax will be THREE! (So crazy) And we will enjoy all 3 of our big, week long, family vacays to Havasu, San Clemente and Ferron. Marc will apply for the airlines and words cant describe how excited i am for that! This year is going to be amazing and of course will come with its challenges, but I am so excited for it.
                                       Here's to 2013!

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