Tuesday, January 22, 2013

4D Ultrasound and Doctors Visit

Allow me to introduce:
Maddox Wayne Harrison

Today i had my 4d ultrasound and let me just tell you how much i LOVE my drs office and her staff. I know you've heard me talk about my tech, Paul and how amazing he is and blah blah blah... Whelp, he lived up to it again! He's amazing! We got some great pictures of Maddox! Here is what we know:

-He is 4 lbs 2 oz
-He is bald
-His face is right by my uterus
-He is healthy
-He is measuring at 32 weeks not 30
-He likes to lick my uterus wall
-He is still breech
-He is still a BOY!
-His head is still in my right rib cage
-His face is facing out to everyone
-His spine is perpendicular to mine
-His legs and arms are tucked by his face on my right side under my rib cage

My tech sent us home with 20 printed ultrasound pictures and he recorded the WHOLE session on a dvd for us! I tried posting it but i have no room! And photobucket doesnt let you upload videos! How do you guys post videos on your blog?! It is on my facebook though, so if you are a friend on there, you can view it! Here are a few pictures from it! i cant get over how much this baby looks like Paxton!
His face is on the left and is looking straight at you. His hand is that little ball by his face
Here are his little feet and piggies!
Here is a profile picture with his mouth open and licking my uterus which is the blob on the left side
Here he looks like an old man! haha. His little nose is perfect though!

As for my doctors visit... things didn't go as planned. Ive lost 3 pounds from last appointment which was less then two weeks ago. (im not complaining about that!!) My blood pressure was 159/93 and 25 minutes later is was 151/93. And im showing other signs of preeclampsia as well. Ive been having a lot of pain on my right side but i just thought it was sore from the baby kicking but apparently thats another sign of preeclampsia. My headaches are still there and becoming worse which is another sign of preeclampsia but other then that, im fine... well, i feel fine. Last pregnancy, i was told i might have preeclampsia at 33 weeks. Then at 34 weeks i did the 24 hour urine collection and 2 weeks later i was induced to have Pax. But here i am, 30 weeks (baby measuring 32) and i have to do the 24 hour urine collection. If its anything like my preeclampsia with Paxton, then i could have this baby within the next 2 or 3 weeks. Making me 32 or 33 weeks along and baby measuring 34 or 35 weeks. Its a scary, scary thought. But knowing today that he is a big baby and that in 2 weeks he'll be about 6 lbs (they gain 1- 1 1/2 lbs a week) puts me at a little bit of ease. But of course, i would like this baby to stay in longer. Its either baby out or i have a stroke... SO CRAZY. i also had to get blood work done and im on strict bed rest.
Well, we can't move. I cant move. I cant leave Utah. I cant do road trips. Sooooo. Here we are in a bit of a predicament. We've already boxed a lot of the house up, we've already made arrangements for the move: For me to stay in California and have the baby and for Marc to go to Arizona and work, stay with his sister and to continue house hunting for us. We've already put some furniture on Craigslist to be sold and even did our house.. we got 8 calls on it and have 4 scheduled to come see it. So hearing that news really stressed us out immediately. Now that its been a little over 4 hours since my appt, we've come together and made some decisions on what to do and this is it.

-We will not be moving on the 30th of January
-Maddox will be born in Utah by my original dr
-Marc will now start his job in March since there is a good chance ill have the baby in February
-My mom will bring Pax up when time gets closer to me having the baby
-And we will use Paxton's room as storage for boxes that we pack and fill so its out of the way

With all this settling in, ive had some time to think about life and the importance of family. Im thankful for a husband who puts me first. He immediately let me cry to him. He was there for me to hug. And he is putting his career on hold for me (and his boys). Im thankful for family who let me cry to them and support us and are there to step in when we need them. Its a huge blessing that my mom has Paxton. And whats crazier, is before i sent him with her, i started doubting if i should. But i felt so strongly to just push her to take him. Now, i know why i had that feeling. There is no way i could tend to my active boy and be on bed rest and deal with all these things going on. So im thankful for promptings and for being able to follow them.

After i do this 24 hour urine collection (they are seeing if their is protein in it) then i will see my dr on Thursday and we will have the results back and decide on what to do from there. She said that she might have me stay in the hospital until i deliver to be monitored and to let baby boy cook more. I think she will just put me on bed rest and make me monitor my blood pressure on a chart, like she did last pregnancy. We will see. Fingers crossed. But feel free to remember us in your prayers :) It'd be greatly appreciated!
 Until Thursday.....


  1. First of all, congratulations, he is gorgeous. That 4d ultrasound is amazing. Second of all, I'm so so sorry about the preeclampsia and moving and changes and everything. So stressful, I was reading the post and feeling your pain, I'm so sorry. Hang in there, we will pray for you and it does sound like the Lord is watching over your family. Good luck and we will be waiting to hear!

  2. Hey Heather, I am seriously praying for you and your family and wishing you all, all the best! Keep faith that everything will work out according to God's plan, no matter how that may play out. He will be there for you no matter what! And thank heaven you have such an amazing and supportive family! I know it isnt easy, but take things day by day. LOTS of LOVE!!!! Keep smiling!

    1. Thanks Brit! So sweet of you! Love and miss you!!