Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Murder In Maui

Im the Activities Chair in our married/student ward and i LOVE it. I had a big activity planned on the 26th of February and it took a lot (like 30 hours) of time to get it all together. Ive always wanted to do a Murder Mystery dinner, so i instantly was up for the challenge in doing it for our whole ward. 2 weeks before the big event, i handed out everyone's parts and the invitations. There were 13 people with big parts but i wanted to include everyone in some way so because the theme was Murder in Maui, i decided to get famous Hawaiian natives names to give to everyone else. There are a ton of famous people from Hawaii. Dwayne the Rock Johnson, President Obama, Jack Johnson, a Playmate from the 60's, and of course astronomers, royalties, etc. I am SO glad everyone actually dressed the part! It really helped to make them feel like they were involved in the mystery. We had 4 different scenes and each one followed with appetizer, main course, and dessert. It was so fun and it went SO smooth! Im so glad. This was one of the biggest turnouts to a ward's activity that Ive ever seen!! I didn't bring my camera, darn it but here are some from another couple in our ward, the Clark's! 

Also: Here is our Ward Blog where you can find more pictures from the activity!

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