Friday, February 3, 2012


In 3 weeks I have lost 11 pounds! I am SO happy! I haven't weighed below 120 pounds since I got married! At 12 weeks pregnant, I weighed 128 pounds. My "newlywed" weight was 125ish. It feels so good to put on clothes that I used to fit and now they are a bit baggy!  I just wish I could SEE the change. Everyone else does but I guess Im just hard on myself and when I look down I just see thunder thighs. Boo. I weighed in yesterday at 118.7 lbs so only 8.7 more pounds to lose. Maybe then I will see a difference.
Me in my new lace dress. Im trying to find a before picture but I can't find one right now so Ill post a comparison pictures later

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